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Epsilon Films P2 format

P2 format

505 8th St NE - Charlottesville, Virginia - 22902 - United States

ExperienceEverything from music videos to documentaries to television.

Corporate videos, both documentary style and scripted, music videos, short films, special events, and much more.

My specialty is my understanding of equipment and how it works, whether it's mine, or something I've never seen before.


I also have a background as a theatrical lighting designer, so I have a very strong understanding of how light works.

I'm also a Stedicam operator.

EducationSelf Taught.

I made an hour long travelog when I was 13, and a 57min documentary when I was 17.
SpecialityEquipment and Computers. I know how tech works. I don't seem to learn, I just already know things.

Hardware Proficiency I've worked with DV, HDV, P2 and Red cameras, Sound Devices audio recorders, Lectrosonics wireless systems, lights from Lowel, Arri and others, Stedicam and Jib operation.... the list goes on.

I'm very proficient with all kinds of equipment, whether I've ever seen it before or not.

Software ProficiencyAdobe Creative Suite 5.5, Audition 3.0, Pro Tools 8.

I edit on Adobe Premiere and have a working understanding of AVID as well.

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505 8th St NE - Charlottesville, Virginia - 22902 - United States

Cinematography   •   P2 format
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