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Crazyhorse Pictures Director of Photography

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Johannesburg, Gauteng - 2040 - South Africa

From excerpts in Sunday Times news paper article

Now freelancing as a Director, DOP, Wildlife and feature film Cinematographer, Ryan is constantly searching for challenges and opportunities to expand and test his creative skills “God has been kind enough to bless me with a talent and an ability to make a living of it, the least I can do is justify it by creating good solid stories that can in some way benefit society... it’s especially nice when I get paid for it…”
Experience17 years in the industry as Cinematographer/Director/Editor doing features, wildlife, mountain expeditions and anything challenging
EducationWhat's on the page doesn't necessarily mean it's on the stage.
SpecialityDocumentaries, features, wildlife
Hardware ProficiencyAll HDV formats, RED ONE, F3, 7D, 5D
Software ProficiencyFinal cut pro, after effects

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Submitted by on Jul 28, 2011
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Johannesburg, Gauteng - 2040 - South Africa

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Re: Crazyhorse Pictures
by ryan davy
Haha, sure no problem, how big is the ass? just need to know what lens to use :)

Re: Crazyhorse Pictures
by Gordon Hiles
I found your details on Creative Cow Services. I have a crazy horse and wondered if you would take a picture of it for me???

Gordon Hiles
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