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Buffalo, New York - 14072 - United States

ason Pfaff, brother of Kristen Pfaff (late bassist of Hole and Janitor Joe) creates multidimensional music that is often dubbed 'cinematic'. Self taught by ear, Pfaff primarily plays piano, drums, and synthesizers. He later studied music and business for two college degrees while interning at Ani Difranco's record company. Jason dabbles with remixing and notably placed 2nd worldwide for his remix of Peter Gabriel's 'Games Without Frontiers', and Honorable Mention for his remix of 'Symphonies" by Dan Black feat. Kid Cudi. Pfaff produces music for other artists from time to time and is currently collaborating with prominent producers and musicians in the U.S. and Canada. Jason's diverse music catalog is utilized to assist independent film makers and serve small businesses around the globe.

Jason's father (a drummer and dj), taught him to mix records at an early age, while his sister helped with ear training. At age 19, Jason’s Indie Rock trio the ‘Rainbow Girls’ (Cashcow Recording Co.) released their international 7" to critical acclaim in Bilboard magazine, then purposefully rejected calls from major labels. In the spirit of "Indie", unsigned and working outside of the music industry per say- Pfaff went on to compose primarily solo electronic based music, while also organizing many creative community and multimedia events.

While playing along side some of Buffalo's most progressive deejay's in the peak of the 90's Electronica movement, Pfaff sweetened his knack for drumming "in the pocket" (funk, trip hop, drum and bass). At 24, he entered and won the featured artist contest in Future Music magazine, but chose to withdraw due to untimely events. Jason's 2012 album ‘Moonbone’ found its way into the best sellers category on Bandcamp. More recently, Pfaff helped inner city youth produce an album and documentary film, and enjoyed the opportunity to fill in on drums for a summer at the Praise Tabernacle Gospel church.

Jason and son Luke will release their debut LP in spring of 2015 entitled "Meal: the All American Father and Son Improv Experience". Jason Pfaff is currently available as a producer, drummer and performer (some services available via internet).

Feb 2008. Battle Battle CD by Jerome Lindberg
" If youre a fan of Ninja Tune, Mo Wax, Domino, Compost Records, or a fan of quality and interesting music, Jason Pfaffs battle battle album should be in your collection."

Oct 2009. Battle Battle EP CD by Sam Inglis/
"Jason Pfaff's album explores a variety of electronic music styles, from Mobyesque techno-blues to doom-laden film score. -The ensuing half an hour makes for a rewarding listen"

Oct 2012. Moon Bone LP by Brad Huff
"Pfaff's latest release "Moon Bone" is a brilliant melody rhythm collision sounding similar to a Moby album produced by Trent Reznor that Peter Gabriel once had a dream about."

Aug. 2014 Indie Son LP by Wolfsong
"Eclectic and vibrant! The music felt like a trip around the world, a rip in the fabric of time . . something like water filling in all the nooks and crevices . . music so full of life and loaded with creativity, emotion and dreams . . "

June 1997. Ribcage LP/by Craig Reynolds
"At its most successful, Ribcage's diary of postmodern play-time amounts to a double-back deconstruction of "pop" music, as well as a surprisingly inventive show of control over the raw materials of pure sound. Like a cartoon character who runs off a cliff only to find himself dangling in mid-air before falling wildly to the red earth below, Pfaff runs off the edge, only to watch the cliffs crash to the red earth below.."


Experience35 years making music
Villa Maria College of Buffalo
Major: Music, Business (A.S.) 2007 Music Industry 2010 (B.S.)
Bachelor in Applied Science Degree- Dec 2010
Fulton Montgomery Community College
Major: Liberal Arts/Theatre Arts Fall 2001
Hollywood Film Institute- certification diplomas
SpecialityMusic for Film/Soundtrack music in many genres
Audio Production, post production, remixing, song writing
Creative Writing
Hardware ProficiencyPC, MAC
Software Proficiency Pro-Tools, Final Cut Pro, Reason, DVD Studio Pro, Toast, Garage Band, I Tunes, I Movie, and more

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Buffalo, New York - 14072 - United States

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