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Jay Webb, Voice Actor Voiceover Artists

Jay Webb, Voice Actor Voiceover Artists

Voiceover Artists

Huntsville, Alabama - 35802 - United States

Male voice talent, Jay Webb is available for voiceovers for any multimedia project, narrations, business audiobooks, television and radio voice overs, online, ivr, voice prompts, radio imaging, and medical narrations.

Here's what clients say:

"As the Production Manager of a large voice-over facility, I interact with hundreds of voice talents month-to-month. Very few talents, however, have ever impressed me as much as Jay. He goes above and beyond the demands of the project and delivers extremely professional, punctual and reliable audio. His positive and approachable personality also make him a pleasure to interact with. I would highly recommend him for any voice-over work!"

Keenan Gaynor
The Great Voice Company

Jay Webb narrated my latest book, The Secret of Enduring Wealth, in a tone and manner consistent with my writing. His work was very professional, and delivered on schedule. He even went above and beyond for me in this project. I'm very satisfied, and have no reason to believe others will not be as well. I highly recommend Jay and his work.

Barry H. Spencer
Financial Planner, Entrepreneur
And Author of The Secret Of Enduring Wealth

“Jay has been my go-to voice for at least 10 years. He's been the voice for hundreds of commercials I've edited and I have never worked with anyone more versatile. One spot would be a nice, upscale jewelry store read and the next would be an in-your-face, monster truck, all or nothing read. He varies his voice well enough to be a very young guy in one commercial and Darth Vader in another. He has the ability to take a poorly written script and make it sound like gold. He can speed through copy that's entirely too long and still make it sound great. Jay is the kind of talent every producer should have in his back pocket.”

Evan Webb
Comcast Spolight

“You did a great job with this, and I appreciate the quick turnaround. We will definitely keep you on our ‘A’ list of voiceover people for future projects.”

Joe Incardona
Media Source
Memphis, TN
ExperienceThousands of spots, hundreds of corporate narrations and a few audiobooks thrown in too.

I cut my teeth in voiceover and video production at nearly the same time. Almost 20 years have gone by since those days and it's difficult to pinpoint the exact beginning. It's all just been a part of me.

A strong skill set in video production seems to help my clients realize that I'm one of them. I'm on their side. I'm not the quirky talent that doesn't understand the process. I know the process well.
EducationRecorded for Hibbett Sports, NASA, Huntsville-Madison County Chamber of Commerce, Comcast, and many more.

BS in Radio/TV/Film from University of North Alabama
Graduate of Susan Berkley's Voiceover Bootcamp Program
Student of life
SpecialityVoice Acting for:
Corporate Clients
Business Audiobooks
Audio Editing
Video Post Production
Software ProficiencyAlthough it has nothing to do with voiceover, I'm a Photoshop expert.

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Submitted by on Aug 1, 2011
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Huntsville, Alabama - 35802 - United States

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