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Mark LaCroix Editing, VFX, Motion Graphics Post Visual FX

Mark LaCroix Editing, VFX, Motion Graphics Post Visual FX

Post Visual FX


Minneapolis, Minnesota - 55454 - United States

ExperienceI've been working with digital video and web development technologies for over 10 years, creating projects for independent filmmakers and Hollywood producers, for small businesses and large corporations.

Whether you need photo-realistic visual effects for your film, professional animated graphics for your film or video project, or are looking for a world-class editor to help tell your story, I can help.

I'm a post-production professional with on-set experience, and a holistic understanding of video production both commercial and artistic. As a writer/director, my films and music videos have screened at international film festivals and have been broadcast on cable television (in Canada, but it still counts).
EducationI attended the University of Minnesota, where I double-majored in English Literature and in an Interdisciplinary Major which I got away with calling "Sound + Vision: Media Studies and the Modern Social Arts." (That's right, I majored in a David Bowie song).

I also have a background in audio production and live audio engineering, for for which I earned multiple broadcasting awards.
SpecialityBecause of my multidisciplinary background, and experience with a wide variety of workflow scenarios, I am highly familiar with the unique interoperability challenges of both standard and unusual video formats, including pixel aspect ratios, framerates, codecs, and other compression settings.

I am also available as an instructor, educator, and consultant. I have experience training in video and audio applications and techniques.
Hardware ProficiencyI am PC/Mac-compatible.
Software ProficiencyAfter Effects
Premiere Pro
Final Cut Pro
Flash Professional
Pro Tools

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Submitted by on Aug 3, 2011
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Minneapolis, Minnesota - 55454 - United States

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