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Ryan Video began operations in 1987 as RDP Services. Our company is one of the most experienced and prestigious video production firms in Northern New Jersey. Although today we focus our efforts on consulting and training videos, we've been making videos a long time. Although Ryan Video Productions first opened up in 1987, owner David Felder began working in the Broadcast Television industry in 1981. While he hates to admit his age, he figures 29 years in the industry is something to brag about.

Ryan Video Productions owner David Felder is a member of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce, where he serves on the Education and Professional Development Committee and the Business Technology Committee. He is a frequent speaker about the use of video training at Chamber events and for SCORE, Ryan Video Productions is also a partner in 21st Floor Associates LLC, a training company that specializes in Entrepreneurial and Business education.

Ryan Video Productions can be contacted at 973-625-5804, or via email us for training video information. David Felder can also be found at LinkedIn and welcomes the opportunity to network with fellow training professionals

ExperienceRyan Video Productions has been in the video business since 1987. Unlike other video production firms that brag about their equipment, we operate using a collaborative partnership approach. We look at a client's problem as a communication issue, not a "high-definition wide-screen dolby digital blue-ray DVD flash PC versus MAC" issue.

Some video production companies are experts with cameras. Some specialize in computer animation or digital effects. We are communicators with a specialty in communicating through motion pictures over the airwaves, on disc, on the web, or on your smart phone. Whether it's for national broadcast, public relations, marketing, employee communications, sales, medical, pharmaceutical, academic or technical training, we've done it all. Think you've got a unique problem? Maybe we've solved it already.

EducationRutgers University
Ryan Video Productions owner David Felder graduated Rutgers University in the days when 3/4" Umatic was considered "high tech." Cameras used something called "Newvicon" tubes and home computers were thousand dollar keyboards wtih 16K of RAM that connected to your television through the antenna wires.

SpecialityCorporate Communications & Training
Hardware ProficiencyToday, we shoot in a variety of formats, depending upon the job requirements. My favorite camera (this month) is my new Canon EOS 5DM2, which gives the best image I've seen on any camera south of 20K. Of course, knowing how to light the shot helps.

We frequently shoot with Sony XDCAM equipment, for the ease of use and wonderful compactness. Although the images look very "electronic" to me, I've never had a client complain.

Some of the nicest shoots we've done were in Super 16 - you can't beat the image from a good film - although that's changing as camera sensors get larger and lens adapters become more affordable.
Software ProficiencyEdit systems we've used over the years:

Speed Razor - fantastic tool. Too bad they were undercapitalized.
Avid MCXpress - not a big fan. I like buying my hard drives at BestBuy, not the Avid store.
Final Cut Pro - nice to have a hardware/software package that worked right. However, as the purchaser of the last generation of G5 to not have intel processors,we weren't going to go out and buy all new Mac's to upgrade the software.
Sony Vegas - Love the way it worked on ANY pc. Didn't care for their pan & crop functionality, sort of reminded me of an old HP Calculator, where everything is entered backwards. Then, when Sony decided that 3D was the way the industry would go, we decided to jump on the Adobe train.
Adobe CS5 - Latest software we're using. I love the titler tool, the Dynamic Updating with After Effects and Audition, and I like the way it behaves so well with Photoshop. The plethora of training on the web makes CS5.5 easy to integrate into our current workflow.

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