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DVD and Blu-ray Authoring

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Our capabilities are not just limited to optical formats. We have created finished video in Flash and created clips in speciality formats for web streaming. Mass digitization of archive tape masters is another service we offer: we have captured hundreds of hours of tape as broadcast-quality digital video and fit them onto cross-referenced and organized hard drives, making easy-to-access archives our clients can use in countless ways.

Print design, DVD packaging, video production (we've produced video entirely, everything from scripting to shooting to output), post-production and editing, the range of services we offer is wide and varied. Drop us a line and let's see how we can make your project better!
ExperienceSince 2001, SB Digital has authored nearly 4000 distinct titles, and millions of our DVDs are in wide distribution all over the world. Everything from simple "play-and-run" titles to elaborately programmed feature-films with interactive special features, there is no DVD project we can't make look great. Utilizing professional authoring tools and specialty production hardware, we make every effort to make sure our video compressions are the finest and most professional available.

Menu creation is what makes our authoring distinctive and adds value to your project. A core policy of SB Digital is that menus are always custom-designed for every project: templates are never used. We specialize in motion menus that capture and reflect the content of the video.
EducationSFSU, Film
SFAI, Film
Cabrillo College
SpecialityDVD & Blu-Ray Authoring and Mastering
Motion Menu Design
Video Editing
Video Compression
Pro Tape Services
Video for Online and Streaming
Hardware ProficiencySB Digital has the ability to accept and create tape masters in Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, DVCAM, Mini-DV, DVCPRO, D2, SVHS and VHS. We are also capable of accepting and creating HD formats in HDV and as digital file formats. We can accept and create content in PAL system as well.
Software ProficiencyAmbidextrous in Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere/Encore
Do Studio (BD authoring)
DVDIt (BD authoring)
Other programs too numerous to mention

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PO Box 5206 - South San Francisco, California - 94083 - United States

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