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Chicago, Illinois - United States

Distract Chicago Productions LLC is the home of, a new website that features funny videos geared towards the local Chicago area. We constantly produce new videos for this site, and we do corporate video to keep our site alive. As the site develops, we plan on connecting the local audience of the website to local businesses with innovative advertising and promotions. You can find all about us at!
ExperienceDistract Chicago Productions LLC is dedicated to creating innovative and cost efficient corporate video to clients in the greater Chicago area. Our members have worked for many clients including AT&T Asset Protection, Indiana Department of Tourism, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, and many more. If you're interested in working with us, send an email our way and we'll talk!
EducationWe are all graduates from the Ball State University Department of Telecommunications and have made numerous independent feature films and shots.
SpecialityWe specialize in high quality, low cost productions. We've done training videos, safety videos, advertising, online video, and much more. Our members all have a background in independent film and know how to get a job done quickly and cost effectively.
Software ProficiencyWe use Adobe Creative Suite CS5.5, but have used Final Cut Studio 3 and Sony Vegas systems as well. We'll use whatever we need to get the job done.

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Chicago, Illinois - United States

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