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420 North Eagles Bluff - Alpharetta, Georgia - 30022 - United States

Experience 2006-2011-Senior Editor and Producer, gmctv (National Market)
Produced and edited long and short form HD and SD broadcast content. Responsible for managing multiple projects for various clients, ensuring creative and quality standards matched network expectations and were completed within budget. Multiple platform delivery

2008-2009-Senior Editor and Project Manager, JWT Inside Advertising (National Market)
Created identity media for Ad agency executives. Managed projects to ensure asset delivery met creative expectations of the agency clients, within budget.

2008-Lead Editor and Producer, TLC Network (National Market)
Created upfront sales reels for TLC. Responsible for meeting creative objectives of network and ensuring the projects were completed within budget and deadlines.

2007-Senior Editor and Producer, Fox Sports (National Market) IFL, 13 Episodes
Created full-length shows and promos for air. Responsible for technical and quality control of assets. Worked independently to ensure creative objectives were met.

2007- Video Editor, Edit Project Manager Primal Screen for PBS Kids (National)
Edited 26 episodes, ensuring created content met client expectations.

2006-2007 Senior Editor, Producer PBS Prime Time (National)
Edited/Produced/Wrote short and long form programming for Farmer’s Almanac

2004-2005 Editor/Producer Speed Channel, NBS 24/7 NASCAR Reality Series
Wrote, produced and edited content for a series focusing on NASCAR drivers. Responsible for managing multiple projects in a deadline oriented environment.

1997-2005-Editor Assistant, Tech Specialist, CNN Post Productions
Responsible for testing video for quality control and solving tech problems in edit suites. Output content in multiple tape and digital formats.

1997-2001-Animater/Designer, Cartoon Network-The Brak Show
Animated and designed segments for The Brak Show pilot (Adult Swim).
EducationBoston College, B.A. 1990
SpecialityCreate videos, documentaries, advertisements, promotional and marketing materials from start to finish.
Hardware ProficiencyMac, AJA, BlackMagic, Sony HDCam, DIgiCam, XDCam, Canon 7d and 5d, Panasonic.
Software ProficiencyAvid, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop. Protools and various compression softwares.

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420 North Eagles Bluff - Alpharetta, Georgia - 30022 - United States

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