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Peli Studio Visual Effects

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Dallas, Texas - 785080 - United States

PELi is a talent driven company. We embrace current technology and have Worldwide alliances with high level talent, be it international directing and design teams or editing talent in our headquarters state and both U.S. coasts. PELi VFX Studio offers diverse teams in all genres of creative imagery. PELi's editing, colour and visual effects tools are from award winning, acclaimed companies and are the state of the art. PELi utilizes every available global digital technology in an effort to make our services cost effective while focusing and delivering the highest possible creative and effective approach to media rich and broadcast projects. Technical accuracy is one of the cornerstones of this operation and a foundation under the creative diversity. Delivering the most effective approach to acquisition, design, colour, creative and delivery obstacles is a core ideology at PELi Image Studio.

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ExperienceCreative Director and Lead Artist at PELi's remote workflow studios has a 25 plus year career in post production editorial and visual effects compositing.
SpecialityVisual Effects Design, Compositing and Beauty. Experienced, talented and accomplished professionals of the post production and entertainment industry. Areas of expertise include Project Lead, Visual Effects Compositing, Design, VFX Supervision, Color Correction and Finish.
Hardware ProficiencyMac
Software ProficiencyAdobe CC After Effects
Camera Tracker
CC Premiere Pro
Final Cut Studio
Quantel Pablo
Cinema 4D
conversion and utility softwares

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Dallas, Texas - 785080 - United States

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