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Awards. Paparazzi. Fame. Fortune. We know that these aren’t necessarily the fuels that stoke your creative fire (although we are willing to budge a bit on that whole Fortune thing). More likely, it’s the imagery that spins continuously through your head at night and the satisfaction of capturing the perfect shot.

Unfortunately, there’s also that constant balancing act between what you want to do and what your resources will allow. That’s why HD Videoworx doesn’t just rent equipment. We listen. We understand. And then we collaborate with you to create the perfect ensemble of equipment to get the job done.

We never forget that it’s Your Passion that brought you to our door…let us help turn that passion into reality.

Founded on a partnership and premise that began more than 25 years ago, HD Videoworx prides itself on being able to provide your production with the best equipment for the job. And, we understand that “best” doesn’t always mean newest or most expensive.

But rest assured, our shelves are packed with the latest and most sought after equipment from manufacturers that include Sony, Panasonic, Canon, RED, Sennheiser, and Arri. And, our network of suppliers and contacts makes even the hardest to find equipment no more than a phone call away.

If you’re unsure about what to choose, check out the new “HDV Bottom line” found in our elaborated gear descriptions. These are simplified explanations based on our real-world experiences with the gear.

You have Your Passion. Our Gear is ours. Let’s get ‘em together.

You’ll notice the HD Videoworx difference from the moment you first talk to us, whether to arrange a rental, confirm a delivery, or just discuss the appropriateness of a piece of equipment.

Every inquiry puts us back in “start-up” mode. Then, it’s simply up to us to exceed your expectations in every possible way.

From our extensive selection of equipment, to our transparent business practices, to our ceaseless pledge to provide the best customer service in the business, our focus is to turn the camera back around 180 degrees to make you the star. Now, get going on that Fortune thing we discussed earlier.
ExperienceSome of the more notable productions on which we have worked include:

- Oceans 11
- Tremors
- Spider Man
- Batman
- Jurassic Park
- CSI: Vegas/New York/Miami
- Parenthood
- Chuck
- Alias
EducationAs members of IATSE 695, we are able to work as sound operators and to do video/graphics playback/assist on union productions.
SpecialityWhether you’re looking to equip an entire team or just find that one hard-to-find piece of gear, you’ve come to the right place. At HD Videoworx, we’re focused on our rental business and we know what it takes to be unique in a very crowded field of competitors. Not only will we cover the absolute basics like making sure all of your equipment needs are met at a competitive price, we’ll do everything in our power to ensure an experience that you’ll want to share with your colleagues.

In addition to our core rental business, the HD Videoworx team, thanks to an extensive catalog of equipment as well as experience in virtually every aspect of video production, can augment your team with:

- Camera work
- Editing
- Video playback
- Video assist
- Audio
- Lighting
- Rigging

We can also provide your event (think wrap party!) with:

Video projection (both live and recorded)
Sound equipment/public address
DJ/background music/live music

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3663 Fredonia Dr., #5 - Los Angeles, California - 90068 - United States

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