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Twisted Developments Inc. Computer Equipment

Twisted Developments Inc. Computer Equipment

Computer Equipment

2633 NE 14th. Ave. Unit 107 - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida - 33334 - United States

Guiding the consumer and PC user through the maze of technology without getting too bruised up in the process.
ExperienceFounded in 2002 it was designed to be an outlet for customers and clients to find solutions to their PC and technical needs.
Focused towards the consumer it has branched out into many different avenues. Some include, home PC diagnostics and repairs to hardware and software installations. Classes on PC usage from day to day email and operating system navigation to data backup and game play.
7 Years Retail market in servicing computers and electronics.
Education1989-1999 Year Army Veteran , Testing radar, radios, computers for the Army.
White Sands NM.
Lincoln Tech 2002-2004 Honors Student / Microsoft Operating systems diagnostics and repairs. Electrical engineering.
SpecialityFirst time buyer advice & Lessons on Windows PC’s
New computer or tired of messing around with the older PC in the home or office? We can help navigate you and show you how to get the most out of your computer. Patience and plain simple English lessons spoken here. Tech jargon kept to a minimum. Unless you ask for the full brain busting answers.
Hardware ProficiencyBuilding and repairs to new or existing systems.
Software ProficiencySoftware installs and classes on their usage.
Performing backups of personal or corporate data and files. Also demonstrating the many ways to protect your valuable information via external hardware or on-line solutions.

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2633 NE 14th. Ave. Unit 107 - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida - 33334 - United States

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