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4480-H South - Smyrna, Georgia - 30080 - United States

I'm aware of my distance from L.A. and my lacking of 3D animation experience at the moment, but I have great corporate references (PSAV, CIA, M2; etc) and can be a good option for smaller quick turnaround projects and have negotiable rates. I'm not a spring chicken- been doing video work consistently for 15+ years. I am not a 23 art student with a laptop. If that's what you'd prefer, I wish you well and thank you for allowing me to apply.

Look Forward to hearing from you.

Rick Neely

Demo Reel:
R. Neely Media
R. NEELY MEDIA Demo reel

The Demo is a showcase, of Editing, Graphic Animation, & Authoring of projects ordered from our clients. The clients represented on the demo include, MUSIC ROOM (CNN), Gamestop, PSAV, The Auction Network, Coca-Cola, Craneware, Cortex, APICS, Hooters, CreateEff... more

ExperienceFull contract corporate video editor,

broadcast bumpers, trailers
new packages, short & long form
candids, convention vignettes
Sizzle music videos,

Proficient on FCP studio, AVID studio, AE photoshop, Motion. Own portable gear and full edit boutique. Have worked remotely and can travel.
EducationBS in Telecom broadcast (UF 1995)

Former Television News Directior (3 years)
Former online digital editor (GVG, Axial) 7 years
Avid editor for Turner productions (5 years)
Corporate AVID editor (UPS, Crawford, Artisan Pictureworks, Coca-Cola, Hooters Corp) 10 years
FCP Studio Editor (field & studio vignettes, independent & corporate venues) 9 years
Photoshop & After effects artist 10 years
SpecialityQuick fast paced sizzle reels,
Autonomous editor, can work with notes, footage, logs independently and deliver quickly
Can lead or tag team with other editors
familiar with multiple digital formats
programming skills
Accessibility and fast turnaround
I do not procrastinate :)
Hardware ProficiencyMac & PC capable
FCP, AVID, AE, Photoshop
GVG VPE 141 with pegs programming
Axial suite proficient
Have worked with DV, DVCam, DVCpro, MXF, BetacamSP, DigitBeta, D-2, HDCam, HDV, DVCProHD, older vintage video formats, 8 & 16mm film,

Built own edit boutique of three mac workstations, one PC, fully loaded and networked.
Software ProficiencyAVID Media composer, Symphony
FCP Studio,
After Effects
MPEG Streamlip
Microsoft Office
FCP & AE plugins (Trapcode, Aurorix; etc)

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Submitted by on Sep 12, 2011
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4480-H South - Smyrna, Georgia - 30080 - United States

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