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Weisswoman Productions Full Service Video Production

Full Service Video Production

Somerville, Massachusetts - 02143 - United States

Hardware Proficiency· CINEMATOGRAPHY
o Cameras owned: C100 Mark II, Canon DSLR 5D Mark III & EF L-series lenses, Sony PMW-200, HDV. Also shoot with Sony FS7, Canon C300 and C300 Mark II
o Camera support owned: Sachtler & Bogen tripods, Rhino Slider, RedrockMicro ShoulderRig, monopod, monitors
· Lighting: LED Light Panels, Tungsten, Zylight Z90s, Mini-mole, on-camera light, Soft banks/grids, nets, gels, etc.
· Sound/Audio: Sennheiser & Lectro wireless lav kits, Sennheiser ME66 shotgun, Crown PZM-6D boundary mic, Shure SM57 performance mic, H4N recorder, Sound Devices 302 mixer (also use Shure mixers), Zoom H4N recorder, boom pole, headphones, splitters, adaptors
Software Proficiency· EDITING : iMac, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut Pro 7 , DVD Studio Pro, web video, etc.

· PRODUCING: Excellent writer/editor/communicator. MAC, PC, web-agile, MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, scripting, budgeting, hiring

· SOCIAL MEDIA: Vimeo, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Public Speaking

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Somerville, Massachusetts - 02143 - United States

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