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Storyboards  New York Storyboards Concept Design

Storyboards  New York Storyboards Concept Design

Storyboards Concept Design


Brooklyn, New York - 11222 - United States

ExperienceI am a freelance storyboard artist living in the New York Area. I have doing storyboards since 2004 and can work remotely or on site. Samples of my work and other information can be viewed on my website at

Companies I've done work for include:


American Express, AMC, Aqua Fresh, Bank of America, Aramis, Bloomingdales, Blue Man Group, Brother, The Childrens Place, Beyonces Fragrance, Briggs & Stratton, ESPN, Calphalon, Este Lauder, Calvin Klein, Cranium, Dawn, DKNY, Dominos, Dryel, Energy Star, Faith Hills Fragrance, Fashions Night Out (Glee), GAP, GAP Kids, GoToMeeting, Getgo, Harijuku Lovers, Halle Berrys Fragrance, HBO, Hersheys, History Channel, IO TV, Macys, McDonalds, Mead, Miller, Michael Kors, Minute Maid, Motts MTV, NFL, Nickelodeon, Nokia, The Learning ChannelOrtega, Palmolive, Provigil, PUMA, Quaker Oats, Reeses, Roberto Cavalli, Robitussin, RoC, Rock Band, Sally Hanson, Sarah Jessica Parkers Fragrance, Spalding, Talbots, Target, Tommy Hilfiger, Tori Burch, TV Land, USA, Vera Wang, Town House crackers, Wild Turkey, Xfinity

Films/TV Storyboards:

Abyssus, Abyssum Invocat, Bad Behavior - Swandive Films, Bainbridge -pitch, B-Sides
EducationBachelors degree, Advertising/design
SpecialityI adapt Scripts/Shotlists/Thumbnail Sketches in to a visual dialog.
Hardware ProficiencyMac
Software ProficiencyAdobe Creative Suite (Specializing in Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects), Final Cut and Dragon Stopmotion.

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Submitted by on Sep 23, 2011
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Brooklyn, New York - 11222 - United States

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