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Full Service Video Production

P O Box 1526 - Rhinelander, Wisconsin - 54501 - United States

We are always looking for qualified / quality 1099 freelancers to use in our productions. After moving to the Northwoods of WI. about 8 years ago, it's a treat to find people who actually know what they're doing in production and post up here. That said, I've always had a policy to look to the future and work with people who have a base knowledge and are willing to learn some of the nuances of production on the fly. Creative thinking IS the mother of invention in production. Let's NOT look at fixing it in post this time.

During the late 2013 season, we decided to start a CDN portion of our company. Now during the first part of 2014, we're looking for quality programming to add to our lineup of programming.
ExperienceA/V production for broadcast and corporate client communications since 1980.
EducationNumerous certificates and awards within the Broadcast Industry and IT world.
(Television Broadcast Industry, Internet Security, Online business communications & Marketing).

Thousands of 30 minute Tv production credits, Hundreds of corporate sales, marketing, and Corporate Image Communication(s). Live theatrical and television productions under my belt.

Marquette H.S., & University, ULC, Assoc degree in H.R., Masters in Religion.
SpecialityLocation production: Film Style, ENG-EFP, Documentary and Docudrama.
Single and Multi-Cam Studio and Location production. Dose of Reality Tv Network starting up in 2014.

*Life was not intended to be lived in a studio.* Live event streaming.

60,000 watt FOH PA system for location events. (2) 32 channel mixes, snakes and smaller sub mixes for stage. This system is currently setup and divided into 2 smaller systems which cover the State and Midwest. One system is designated for northern WI., the UP, and Northern MN. The other one covers SE Wisconsin and northern IL. We can merge these two systems for large events when/if needed, and scheduling accommodates.

Additionally we own and run a number of 24/7 internet radio stations. These stations stream news and pertinent Wisconsin and Tri-State information to our listeners. Some portions of our streams are free and open to the public, and other information is streamed only to our subscribers. We also offer short term net streaming feeds for corporate closed events, and convention type public events.
Hardware ProficiencyI've built this company from the ground up. I'd have to say that if it's here and works, I know how to make it hum. If I'm not "the" end user, one of the 1099 folks we work with "is" absolutely king for the day on the equipment.

Analog and digital equipment ranging from the almost obsolete to the newest digital switchers and cameras. 1/2", 3/4", 1"c, BetaCam, (SP), Mini-DV, Firestores & Flash Cards, and live streaming productions. From the original Amiga systems with the Agnes Chips to today's i7's, we're using it somewhere in our workflow.
Software ProficiencyPc based office software, production tools and post production.
Amiga, Pinnacle, Abner, Sony Vegas Pro.

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P O Box 1526 - Rhinelander, Wisconsin - 54501 - United States

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