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3D Character Animation

42 Searle Street, Woodstock, - Cape Town, Western Cape - 8001 - South Africa

ExperienceHello. And welcome to what could just be your exciting future in 3D-Animation and Visual Effects!

Given the ever-changing nature of the thrilling animation industry, the learning curve is becoming increasingly steep. And the days of self-taught hopefuls breaking into the business without any formal training are over.

The Animation School is South Africa’s leading internationally accredited Animation and Visual Effects training centre, and we consistently produce qualified Digital Animators with practical skills in the creation of 3D-Animation and Visual Effects. We even have an Emmy award-winning graduate to prove it!

As a third-year student of the school you will get to work on ad hoc projects alongside industry colleagues to gain very real on-the-job training and experience. Something potential employers will expect - and something you cannot learn from a textbook. Practical training like ours is now more important than ever before.

Our curriculum has also been designed to give you a powerful command of the current tools and techniques used in Animation and Visual Effects production. But most importantly, the 3-year course will heighten your aesthetic senses and push your artistic development even further.

Thank you for taking the time to consider us. This site is jam packed with a lot of important information and excellent student work so read it closely. We also suggest that you catch our presentation. Click “Demo Reel URL” to watch it. Enjoy.
EducationGerrit Rietveld Academy - Amsterdam
Qualifed lecturer/assessor
SpecialityAward winning Director/Producer

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42 Searle Street, Woodstock, - Cape Town, Western Cape - 8001 - South Africa

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