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Bloomington, Indiana - United States

ExperienceI am interested in joining your team, as the Video Producer.

As a Video Producer for a number of companies, I have developed knowledge and skills to provide high quality work. With this knowledge comes an understanding of business operations plus the creative skills. I have been producing and editing videos for over six years. My primary editing suite use is Final Cut Pro.

During the development of my video skills I started a part-time video business. This provides me with the necessary background to understand the importance of organization, producing videos in a timely fashion, and surpassing the needs of others.

While working with IU UITS in the development of their videos, I received UITS awards for the high quality videos I have produced. In turn UITS has excelled in its video development effort during the past 2 years. Also the videos produced has won UITS numerous awards of recognition for high quality videos.

I believe I can provide enhanced service to the team while meeting and exceeding the expectations of the team.

Please feel free to contact me by phone (812) 345-7863 or through e-mail at your convenience. You can also see some of my work at Also Attached to the email is my resume and a link to my video resume

Thank you for your time,
EducationWill be graduating with a Degree in Film and Video. Also have been producing videos for over 6 years.

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Submitted by on Nov 9, 2011
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Bloomington, Indiana - United States

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