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I'm looking for quality short videos on green tourism from anywhere in the world that would sit well on our website. Although we can't pay for them, we can give the opportunity for people to show their work to a rapidly growing specialist audience.

Demo Reel:
chocolate Fish, a critically endangered species
We specialise in making programmes about serious environmental issues, usually to highlight the positive steps being taken to tackle problems.

Our website showcases our responsible travel related videos. "Chocolate Fish, a critically endangered species" is a very ... more

ExperienceI have had 29 years working in broadcast TV and video production. In 1983, I joined Channel Four Television in the UK very shortly after it first opened, working mostly on the engineering side and eventually becoming a specialist telecine colourist.

After seven years at Channel Four, I joined Hillside Studios and became head of post production. I was heavily involved in a large range of productions, engineering live studio recordings and broadcasts. Also working on many documentary and dramas in difficult locations such as the West Bank and India. Clients were the main UK broadcasters, mainly the BBC.

In 1998 I became a freelancer, covering many areas, from international sport OB's such as the soccer world cup in Japan for world broadcast.

In 1997 I formed Wildside Productions with my wife and business partner Gill Williams, a well known travel writer and environmentalist. This ran successfully in parallel to me engineering work and has now become the main part of my business. I shoot, light, direct and edit on FCP.

In 2006 I built London Wall Studios, a three camera studio with control room, green room etc, which we share with our partners in the City of London. We mostly use the studio for media training, corporate video production and blue/greenscreen. The studio is still operating and employing freelancers successfully.

I have built a couple of TV studios in the past couple of years.

In 2008, we created, an internet video channel that hopes to show people how to travel without trashing the planet. We get sponsorship from major travel companies to make programmes about the work being done to lessen the impact of travel in all its forms. Our main sponsor is Mercedes-Benz who have given us a totally electric Smart car to trial.
EducationI studied electronic and broadcast engineering before and during my time at Channel Four and at Hillside Studios.
SpecialityVision engineering and cameras. lighting and shooting. Directing, shooting and editing a documentary or other video project. Editing with FCP. Studio operations.
Hardware ProficiencyCamera operation of DV, DVCAM, DVCPRO, HDV. The Sony EX range of cameras and most of Panasonic's P2 cameras. I'm currently using a Canon XF305 as my main acquisition camera on regular trips to wild parts of the world, such as rainforests and deserts.

Also multicamera situations from studios to fly away OB's

Lighting for small studios, location interviews and small scale drama. I have a range of KinoFlos and tungsten lighting kit.

Quite extensive working knowledge in sound.
Software ProficiencyMuch Mac related software such as Final Cut Pro, Squeeze, Compressor plus much more.

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28 Sandy Close - Hertford, England - SG14 2BB - United Kingdom

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