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Ciudad Autónoma, Buenos Aires - Argentina

Some Filmmakers and Producers who chose us:
Eduardo Spagnuolo (,
Hernán Belón (,
Miguel Mato (
Mario Durrieu /Observatorio de Cine (
Victoria Ward at Matinee Audio & Video (
Hazel Watts at Matinee Audio & Video ( (Blue Board Outsourcer),
Maximiliano Schiegga ( )
Ana Wortman (

ExperienceTranslatearly provides quality translation and subtitling services focusing on context.

Over the last eleven years we’ve been chosen by film producers, publicity agencies, artists and professionals of different kinds.

Our translation services include, when necessary, transcription and summarization.

We are proficient in English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, keeping a small structure in order to offer good rates.
EducationAll our translators are high qualified top notch professionals.
SpecialityWe offer high quality translation and subtitling, when required.
We have achieved a wide experience along 11 years providing subtitling services to filmmakers and media communicators.

Software ProficiencyWe work with Final Cut Pro 7. Subtitling is not just a task for us, but an art.

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Ciudad Autónoma, Buenos Aires - Argentina

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