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Film Scoring

Hollywood, Florida - United States

ExperienceSoundtracks written and produced for the following movies:
(Composer and Producer at DreamTracks, Boston-Ft. Lauderdale)
Prayer Life by EastWest Films (Trailers)
Smoking by Rigged Productions (short)
Head or Tails by Fool Martyr Producctions (Cues for the Film & Trailer)
Berenice by Cloud Mushroom Productions (Featrued Film)
BulletFighter by Arequita Productions (Featured Film)
Optimistic by Rigged Productions (short)
Central Square Theatre Promo by City of Cambridge (Promo)
Mud by EmptyHouse Films (Trailer)
30 minute Stilte by ISee Films (Cues for the Film)
F.O.S. Indepent Film Makers in New Engalnd. (Documentary)
Office Karma by Wild Sky Studios (short)
Star Gazin
EducationBerklee College of Music. Degree in Film Scoring.
SpecialityFilm Composer

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Submitted by on Nov 23, 2008
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Hollywood, Florida - United States

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