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Marina Del Rey, California - United States

I'll edit, color correct & stylize the bejesus out of your film or video project. Spread the word.


ExperienceConsiderable experience creative editing, animating, color grading, designing, post supervision and and onlining low-budget films, for festivals, theatrical release (Sony), and broadcast on PBS, BBC, HBO, History Channel.
EducationMFA California Institute of the Arts
SpecialityFor a film released in 2002 by Sony Pictures, North American wide release, I posted everything including the sound mix, myself, on one computer. Yes, I know, that's unusual. Same for "On Tiptoe" theatrical version which was nominated for an Oscar (the same year, 2000, that "Into The Arms of Strangers", a feature I also worked on, won an Oscar). It's all on my website. On low budget projects I am sometimes a one-man-band -- color, VFX, design, sound design, delivery.

I'm not saying you need a one-man-band, but I do have skill and a good touch, especially in the low-budget arena. My preferred tools of late are Apple and Adobe products, though I've edited films on Avid, and can color grade (at a small studio nearby) on DaVinci. (A note about DaVinci: I find clients can get stuck on the idea of coloring "on a DaVinci". Five years ago DaVinci made all the difference... today, it's greatest value is as a status symbol. Rest assured, DaVinci is digital interface and a powerful set of tools -- but it gives no more intrinsic quality to digital bits than any other capable software in 2012, available to anybody -- a bit is a bit. Just like a brush and canvas are worth squat if you don't paint well. The end PRODUCT -- your movie -- is all that will ever count for something.)

Please see my website for examples of my "style", in editing, animations, look and title designs.
Software ProficiencyFinal Cut Pro 7 and X; Avid Media Composer; Premiere. FCP (7 or X) preferred; After Effects; Color; DaVinci

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Marina Del Rey, California - United States

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