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Kazernestraat 98 - The Hague / Den Haag, Zuid-Holland - 2514CW - Netherlands, The

I am a professional painter (did many expos, shows, performances, murals, portraits and free oeuvre) and web artist: I create websites in Drupal CMS, mostly with the scope on cultural and artistic usage... I do painting performances, work with social platforms as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace...
Ecommerce: Ebay and Facebook plus my own Ecommerce sites in Drupal
ExperienceWHO ARE WE AND WHAT DO WE DO? (GENERAL INFO) ARTVARK STUDIO belongs to the dutch artist painter and designer Marcus van Soest and refers to the artist's workspace and more... Video clips are made unter the Fnurkus Artvark Productions umbrella... ARTVARK STUDIO is a place that breathes creativity, the artist uses the space to paint draw, design, create his digital stuff, like websites, Drupal CMS and where he produces his videoclips... The studio works in a free fashion, autonomous, but is also for hire for creative projects, art lessons, video production, art projects and exhibitions...


Authentic Artist
C.V or Experience in the World of Art From 1986 till 1998 exhibited at various places in the Netherlands 1998 ▪ Group expo in Pulchri Studio , Wins the van Ommeren de Voogt prize ▪ Group expo at the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Hague/ Holland 1999 ▪ Pulchri Studio ▪ Group expo in Galerie Le Rire Bleu in Figeac / France ▪ North Sea Jazz Festival Group expo ▪ 2000 ▪ Pulchri Studio : Nominated for the 'Talens Prize ' 2002 ▪ Pulchri Studio ▪ Creation of the Banner on the Pulchri building for 'The Hague Sculpture' ▪ Affiche for Crossing Border (Spoken Word Festival) 2002 ▪ 'The Commissary' , for the Edinburgh Gallery festival with Toyoko Shimada 2003 ▪ Pulchri Studio ▪ Group Expo in The 'Atrium' of the municipality of the Hague 2003 : 14 / 06 - 10 / 08 ▪ Expo at Galerie Gallery 'le Rire Bleu' : ' Figurations Libres ' with Robert Combas , Francois Boisrond , Herve et Buddy di Rosa , Ben Vaultier etc.vernissage 2003 ▪ December. : expo in galerie Galerie le Rire Bleu : petits oeuvres... 2004 ▪ Januari : Group expo in Pulchri Studio / springtime expo ▪ May- September : Back and forth in france, painting and working at new Studio in Cajarc / France, ' Project Maison des Hirondelles ' The foundation of an Art Centre / Cultural Centre in Cajarc / France The project started in Juli 2003 when the house was found.. September 2004 : The House is gone ,and there can not be a 'Maison des Hirondelles' without a Maison, ▪ Juli started painting for P.Berger ( citate : de beweening van christus by L. de heere 16 Th century ) Fotos taken in Ghent / st Baafs cathedraal 21 November 2004 t/m 21 December 2005 ▪ 08 januari till 27 januari : Solo expo in 'de Voorhoutgalerie' in Pulchri Studio ▪ 13 March till 13 April : S.O.S kinderdorpen expo Expo in Promenade Hotel/ the Hague Holland 29 Januari t/m 17 Februari ▪ Permanent exhibition in SAG contemporary art agency gallery in Antwerp/ Belgium Juli/ Augustus ▪ De Indische Zomer in Pulchri Studio -members with Indo backgrounds. On Assignment of the Spanish Embassy in The hague: ▪ 01-09-05/23-09-05 : Don Quichot expo in International presscentre Nieuwspoort ▪ 30-09-05/27-10-05 : Don Quichot expo in de Centrale Bibliotheek Den Haag ▪ ----------------------- 2006 ▪ 11-03 / 15-04: Inaugural Show at Monkdogz Urban Art, 547 West 27 Street between 10th and 11th Ave in the Chelsea District of New York City Review by Ed McCormack / Gallery and Studio New york Group Expo ▪ 07-09/ 30-09 'CAME to BELIEVE' Group Show with Jean Marc Calvet, Matthew Turov, Steve Oatway, ChristianTango at Monkdogz Urban Art, 547 West 27 Street between 10th and 11th Ave in the Chelsea District of New York City. ▪ ▪ September till november : Interviews and articles by M. Sponder: 12/10: interview-with-marcus-van-soest-on-using-powerpainterorg-to-communicate-and-collaborate-with-artists/ ▪ ▪ ----------------------- ▪ 14 December Art/talk 'Open resource?' at KINGKONG gallery the Hague. ▪ December 2006-Januari 2007: group expo at Artishock gallery 2007 ▪ April : Members of Pulchri expo ▪ September : Publication at 'Famous' 100 Contemporary Artists by Petru Russu World of Art Publishers ▪ October: Pulchri Magazine, Interview with the title: Opgesloten in een Flipperkast (Translated: Locked up in a Pinball Machine) by Nina Voets ▪ January till now: Turning point in his Life: kicked his habit for alcohol and cocaine : started ADHD treatment and underlying problems. (having a hard time!) ▪ December 2007: Anton Art & Design Gallery in The Hague Group expo 2008 ▪ January 2008: Gallery Lissabon in The Hague ▪ April 2008: 'Springtime" Expo at "PULCHRI " in The Hague ▪ July 17 / August 9 2008: Group expo at Monkdogz Urban Art: 'ZEPHYR' ---- This INFO is not complete, it needs updating projects, shows and more... I shall do that as soon as I find time to do so... I am just way too busy, 1965 - huidig
Domain and site owner, 2005 - huidig
Fnurkus ArtVark Productions
Producer, actor and editor, 2006 - huidig
PPStudio, The Hague
Painter and Web Artist, Drupal Database building for artistic use.,, also known as Fnurkus ArtVark, Lover of the Bizarre, also known as Weaver of Webs, POWERPAINTER, Wever van Webben, inhibitant of Planet ArtVLOG, Idealist, Fiction Phantasmagorical Constructor, Master with no Universe, Oracle and Unwanted Stand-up Comedian without a cause...Incapable Moderator of USOA, Generalissimo with a Jojo, UberunterFNURK, InterFNURK, Art Director at FA Studio / The Hague, Myth Builder at Olympic Mountain, Tester and many other digitalized aetheric and illuminated formfields under no horizon., 2005 - huidig
Square Wheels Drive Better!
General director and owner, 2006 - 2011
SAG Contemporary Art in Antwerp, Rire Bleu, Monkdogz Urban Art, BART Internet Services,
Exhibiting Artist at Monkdogz Urban Art in New York; Artist scouting and manager at SAG Contemkporary Art in Antwerp Belgium and more..., 2004 - 2011
EducationAutodidact in all techniques, I am a natural talent!

I do Web Projects, Art assignments in real time, build networks, paint canvases, teach acrylics and above all I combinate these skills to become one product: POWERPAINTER
SpecialityPainting on canvas; Video production; Filming, editing, acting, interview; Web design, Drupal CMS; Graphical Design
Hardware ProficiencyComputers, Video equipment, Brushes and Canvas
Software ProficiencyGraphical Design: Photoshop, Illustrator
Web Design: DreamWeaver, Windows Web Matrix, Drupal CMS
Video: Adobe Premiere Pro; iMovie; Windows Movie Maker and a load of open source software
Sound engineering Open Source programs: Dark Wave Studio plus VST plugins Audacity and Adobe Soundbooth

Adobe CS4 platform

Platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux Ubuntu en Fedora

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Kazernestraat 98 - The Hague / Den Haag, Zuid-Holland - 2514CW - Netherlands, The

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