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Stereoscopic 3D

Moscow, Russia

Demo Reel:
rotoscope and stereo conversion
rotoscope and stereo conversion, stereoscopic side by side format available: more

Experience3 years software development. We have completed the creation of a system which provides automated conversion of video into stereoscopic 3D format. Our system - 4Depth, consists of three parts: rotoscoping tool, depth generation tool and reprojection tool for generate left and right perspective.
During 2011, we completed any projects for converting video and a lot of work to convert photographs into stereoscopic format. We consider the possibility of cooperation with film companies, animation and design studios.
EducationConversion 2D to 3D stereoscopic.
Speciality2d to 3d conversion
elements/objects isolation (rotoscope)
restoration of the scene geometry
depth generation
occluded surface reconstruction
clean plate generation
stereo paint back

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Submitted by on Feb 7, 2012
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Moscow, Russia

Stereoscopic 3D   •   Stereoscopic 3D
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