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La Paloma Films Lighting Cameraman DP

La Paloma Films Lighting Cameraman DP

Lighting Cameraman DP

719 Dorr Edson Rd., Suite1 - Oneonta, New York - 13820 - United States

ExperienceFilm Credits
Hartwick College Remembers 9/11”, Producer/Director/D.P., Hartwick College

“Mineville”, Feature Film, Starring Paul Sorvino, Bill Sadler, Cuyle Carvin, Director Of Photography, Mineville Productions, NY.

“From Mills River To Babylon… The Jimmy Massey Story”, (67:00) Feature Documentary, Producer/Director/Director Of Photography/Editor,
La Paloma Films, Oneonta, NY

“The High Definition Creative Community Initative”, The Upper Catskill TV Network, Executive Producer/Creative Head Of Original Programing, Oneonta, NY

“Logjam”, Feature Film, Co-Producer/Director/Director Of Photography, Logmovies, Llc, New York.

`“Heartache”, TV Movie, Director Of Photography, Heartache Productions, Oneonta, NY.

“An Education In Sustainability, Liberal Arts In Practice, The Pine Lake Experience”, (54:60) PBS Documentary, Producer/Director/Editor,
Hartwick College.

“Something Called Sex”, (27:40) Starring Whoopi Goldberg, For Ink Tank Productions, PBS Project, New York. Producer.

“Intuition, From The Beginning”, (54:60) Part One Of A Three Part, One-Hour Documentary Series For PBS, Paraview, Inc., New York. Producer.

“Ruby Moon”, (27:40) Susquehanna Stories Series, Public Television Drama, WSKG-TV, Binghamton, New York. Producer/Director - Series Creator.

“The Oxen”, Feature Film Starring Max Von Sydow, Liv Ullman, Stellan Skarsgard, Eva Froling, Directed By Sven Nykvist For Sweetland Films AB, Stockholm, Sweden. Line Producer.

“Lost Memories”(Gypsy Angels), Feature Film Starring Marilyn Hassett, Elizabeth Ashley, Richard Roundtree, Gregg Mullavey, For Gypsy Angels, Inc., St. Joseph, MO., Line Producer/Production Manager.

“In The Spirit”, Feature Film Starring Marlo Thomas, Elaine May, Peter Faulk, Melanie Griffith, Olympia Dukakis, And Louise Lasser, For In The Spirit Co. L.P.. New York. Production Manager.

“Evil Dead 2”, Feature Film Starring Bruce Cambell For Renaissance Motion Pictures Inc., And The Delaurentis Entertainment Group, Sam Raimi, Director, Detroit/Los Angeles. Production Manager.


“Whatever It Takes”, Feature Film Starring Martin Balsam, Tom Mason, And Chris Weatherhead For W.I.T.Ltd., New York. Assoc. Producer/ Production Manager.

“Lily In Love”, Feature Film Starring Christopher Plummer, Maggie Smith, Elke Sommer, And Adolph Green, For Mafilm/ Robert Halmi Productions Inc., New York. Production Supervisor.

“Cook And Peary, The Race To The Pole”, CBS-TV Movie Starring Richard Chamberlain And Rod Steiger For Robert Halmi Productions, Inc., New York. Unit Manager/ Arctic Coordinator.

“Kelsey & Son”, TV Movie Starring Chuck Connors, Mark Patton For Robert Halmi Productions, Inc., New York, Art Director.

Feature Film Segments Or Trailers
Whatever It Takes, Endless Love, An American Werewolf In London, Wolfen, Nighthawks, Resurrection, And Fort Apache The Bronx.

Other Experience
Over One Hundred Educational, Medical, Corporate, Industrial, Documentary, Infomercial, Series Opens, And Other Films To Date
And Three Hundred National TV Commercials.
EducationBrooks Institute Of Photographic Arts And Sciences, Santa
Barbara, Calif. Bachelor Of Professional Arts Degree, 1974. Major - Motion Picture Production.

Texas A&I University, Undergraduate Program, 1970, Basketball
Scholarship, Kingsville, Texas.

Del Mar Community College, 1969-70, Corpus Christi, Texas.

Corpus Christi Academy (Catholic Boys School) 1965-69, High School Graduate. All-State Basketball Player.
SpecialitySpecialized Skills
Producer, Director, Executive Management, Creator Of Original Programming, Writer, Director Of Photography, Editor, Underwater/Aerial Cinematographer. Motion Picture, TV Commercial, News, Film & Video Cameraman. Experienced With All Film Formats And Cameras, Panavision, Arriflex, Moviecam, Aaton, Éclair, Bolex And Beaulieu (35Mm & 16) As Well As High Definition And Standard Definition Video, HDV, DVCam, Dv, Betacam SP And Other Video Formats. Studio And Location Projects. Experienced As A Lighting Cameraman On Numerous Projects From Large Night Time Exteriors To Interior Setups In All Conditions. Budgeting And Scheduling Expertise For Motion Picture Projects From Script Breakdown To Planning, Crew Hiring, Special Effects Execution And Production Management. 25 Years Post Production Experience With Media 100 Editing Systems And The Current Generation Of Media 100 HD Systems.
Hardware ProficiencySee Specialized
Software ProficiencyThe usual

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719 Dorr Edson Rd., Suite1 - Oneonta, New York - 13820 - United States

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