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Hayward, California - United States

CaptionSync is an online automated captioning service that allows you to submit your media files to our secure web server and receive back quality caption and/or subtitle results very quickly. Caption results can be provided for various media, including broadcast video, web media (Flash, YouTube, QuickTime, Windows Media, and Real), podcasts, and DVD authoring. CaptionSync is the fastest and least expensive way to make your content compliant with FCC and ADA regulations. CaptionSync can generate numerous caption, subtitle, and video search data output formats
ExperienceAutomatic Sync Technologies' CaptionSync automated captioning service has been delivering accurate pop-on captions since 2003.
EducationThe development of Automatic Sync Technologies' CaptionSync been funded in part by the US Department of Education NIDRR program to bring this captioning technology to market and we hope you can benefit!
SpecialityCaptionSync is perfect if you have a deadline and/or don't like spending too much money!

If you already have a transcript, we can deliver caption files in less than 10 minutes -- 7x24. Perfect for web media such as Flash, YouTube, QuickTime, Windows Media, Real, DVD captions and subtitles, or broadcast video. We also offer Digital NLE caption files which can be pulled directly into Avid, Final Cut, or Premiere, avoiding the encoding and gen loss altogether.

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Hayward, California - United States

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