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Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600097 - India

Always been sincere to commitments , tried to be a team player and managing men with ease are the qualities . Open minded with accepting broad culture and customs .
ExperienceAround 11 years of experience in 3D Animation industry . Started my career in 3D Game Designing in 3D Max ,Maya and Soft image software ,then moved in to Maya Animations primarily in Rigging and Animations. Worked in Disney Productions project " MICKEY AND THE CLUB HOUSE ", Feature film "DEMONS SWORD " Hollywood production and "MARVI HAMMER "Series for 4K Animations , Germany and other prestigious projects . For the past 4 years handling Production and Asset management . Client communication with 4K Germany and an US client for 3D Animation series is my Additional responsibility currently . Experienced in Pipeline workflow in 3D Production for Feature films and Television Series.
Education Certification in 3D Game Designing , Master in Business Administration , Passed SIX SIGMA Tests for Quality Management . Highest score in SIX SIGMA Tests . Academic interest includes Preparing Curriculum for 3D Animations and Multimedia , Bachelors Degree course for Eliim University , India .
Speciality Good knowledge in 3D Production pipeline and Men Management . Good understanding 3D process in Feature film production . Managerial capability and perseverance are the plus. Interested in current affairs and market movements across the globe.
Hardware ProficiencyBasic understanding on System hardware and capacities to handle large projects.
Software Proficiency MAYA, MAX and smaller 3D Softwares like Vue . basics in Photoshop , After effects . Microsoft Package.

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Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600097 - India

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