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Annandale, New Jersey - United States

I have been a Shooter/Producer for over 15 years and have a unique blend of technical and creative management ability. I can manage the logistics and coordination of all visual elements and balance creative responsibility with budgetary accountabilities. My job in any role, is to make sure things get done with top quality, on budget and on time. I know what we need for post production because I have spent years in production working all of these elements into completed programs.

Demo Reel:
Davis Images
Davis Images is a unique blend of technical and creative management, specializing in corporate production, law enforcement/military production and training educational production on societal concerns. With a team that manages the logistics and coordination of all visual elements, program effectiven... more

Experienced in overall crew management and compliance to the script, shot and following a shooting schedule, subject interview prep, interviewing, B-roll and overall story-line continuity.

Director of Photography:
Experienced managing the camera and lighting crews. Responsible for artistic and technical decisions related to the scene in accordance with the intentions of the director. Experienced in all terrain shooting HD/SD including creating well lit sit-downs, nature/adventure cinematography, Dramatic and Run and Gun style shooting. I specialize in reality, extreme location, action, documentary and hazardous area.

A&E Bounty Hunters Field Producer/DP
Discovery American Detectives Field Producer/DP
E! E News Daily Field Producer/DP
Tech TV Business & Beyond Field Producer/DP
The Golf Channel Architect Golf Club Field Producer/DP
NJN Stoned Cold DP/Steadicam
NJN Universal Safety Squad DP/Steadicam
PBS Norman Rockwell DP
Health Network Breast Cancer DP
Life Time The Home Show DP
ESPN NYC Power Boat Race Aerial Photography
WPIX Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Aerial Photography
A&E Frankenstein the Musical Steadicam
TBS Ripley’s Believe it or Not Steadicam
Biography Channel Son of Sam Steadicam
QVC Fall Fashion Steadicam

Films / Commercials:

ADP Recruiting DP/AP
Holy Name Hospital Imagine Campaign DP
Holy Name Hospital Your Health First Campaign DP
Holy Name Hospital We Can Campaign DP
Leukemia & Lymphoma Dan Jansen Campaign DP
Seimans Tech First Campaign DP
NW Medical Center You Campaign DP
Water into Wine Prod. “Into the Light” DP/Steadicam
Water into Wine Prod. “The Playground” Steadicam
Commings Prod. “Weeki Wachee Girls” Steadicam
Regicide Films “The Quarry” Steadicam
Austin Films “Closure” Steadicam
EMS PSA Steadicam
NJ Meadowlands PSA Steadicam

Corporate / Educational:

Bergen County NJ Autumn Line Producer/DP
State of NJ The Web Line Producer/DP
State of NJ Sticks & Stones DP
ADP Various Field Producer/DP
AICAP Various DP/Photographer
Bristol Meyers Squibb Various DP/Steadicam
AICPA Various Producer/DP
Aventis Various DP/Steadicam
Honeywell Various DP
Chubb & Son Various DP
Novartis Various DP

2nd Unit DP / Soundman
Summit Productions 1993
SpecialityField Producing and DP
Hardware ProficiencyMost HD camera
Software ProficiencyFCPX

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Annandale, New Jersey - United States

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