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88 College St. - Toronto, Ontario - M5G 1L4 - Canada

ExperienceOver 10 years of video production and photography specializing in collaborations with health professions educators
EducationThe team is made up of University of Toronto educators and technicians with a wealth of experience in; communication, training, education and production. We are based in the Faculty of Medicine and work with several; UofT faculties, government agencies, national licensing bodies, as well as educators in the private sector.
SpecialityDramatizations highlighting communication challenges, such as;
- Communication between health professionals and their patients or clients
- Interprofessional friction in the workplace
- conflict and it's impact on the workplace as well as patient outcomes
The on-screen talent is part of the package. SPP has an extensive roster of talent with years of experience in simulation both live and on camera.
In addition we offer;
-Specialized training media
-Interviews and testimonials
-Stock and surgical photography

Hardware ProficiencyVideo - Panasonic and Canon cameras
Photo - Nikon D3 and Nikkor glass
Computing - Mac Pro and MacBook Pro
Software ProficiencyWe have been Apple based
Final Cut Studio

We are currently migrating to Adobe CS 5.5

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88 College St. - Toronto, Ontario - M5G 1L4 - Canada

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