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9A Hyde Close, Bendor - Polokwane, Limpopo Province - 0699 - South Africa

Our professional video crews are made up of highly experienced individuals, all well skilled in a multitude of cameras and lighting. The same applies with our sound guys, experienced professionals. Our in house gear is made up of Sony and GoPro EXTREME HD series cameras, with Sony mic kits (lapel and boom) and Lowell & LED Light Kits. We are also experienced in interviewing people on camera, having conducted interviews with government ministers, corporate CEO's, sports personalities, celebrities etc.
ExperiencePro-Video Productions is a full service, professional video production company.

From concept and scriptwriting to shooting, editing and duplication. Whether you are looking for Professional Video, Broadcast or High Definition, we are very budget-minded and can work within the parameters given by our clients.
We pride ourselves on the high standards we put in all our work.Our global company have been making video’s for more than 25 years.
Pro-Video takes care of Corporate, Multimedia, Wedding, Training & Educational video production needs.
Hunting-Africa Productions produces safari video’s, one-on-one hunting documentaries for clients, TV shows and retail DVD productions. We also produce Marketing Video’s for Game Ranch owners & outfitters.
EducationMore than 25 years experience in Television & broadcast communications.
Entrepreneur and owner of privately owned production facility in South Africa.
SpecialityWe produce broadcast as well as below the line (non-broadcast) video including, Hunting documentaries, Weddings, Corporate, Educational, Marketing, Safety induction, Commercials, Events, Documentaries and Multimedia productions are just some of our fields of speciality.

We own all our own equipment and have a "Steadycam" rig for more creative shooting abilities.

Producer, director and owner Chris Pelser has been named the African "Spielberg" He has travelled the world making films and shooting documentaries on diverse topics in Africa, America, South America, United Kingdom etc.

Whatever your needs are please contact us so we can discuss what we can do for you.
Hardware Proficiency
When it comes to video production you can't mess around with the quality of your gear. We always create our productions to broadcast quality standards by using the latest HD Sony Camera's whilst editing with Final Cut Pro.

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9A Hyde Close, Bendor - Polokwane, Limpopo Province - 0699 - South Africa

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