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1170 Daisy Ave - Venice, California - 90291 - United States

ExperienceI'm presently the VFX supervisor for a feature-length action film in post-production. In addition to the work i did in pre-vis and planning as well as on-set supervision of shooting, i'm currently managing a small team while taking lead on all major effects including explosions, vehicle crashes, demolitions, and others.

additionally i'm working as the lead look developer for the VFX on a science fiction TV pilot where my main responsibilities include designing the visual style of the VFX and finding creative solutions to the most challenging VFX problems.

in the past, i've worked as a 3d modeler and animator, graphic designer, web designer and a QA art tester for a major XBOX 360 game.

i have a great deal of diverse work experience which brings a fresh creative perspective to any project.

in my personal work, i've written, directed, and edited two short films and worked on a 3d animated short film for which i created, rigged and animated all characters and props.
EducationI graduated with my BFA in New Media and a minor in Computer Science from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana in the spring of 2011.
SpecialitySome of my specialties include tracking challenging shots, creating 3d explosions, fire, and smoke, and finding creative and inventive solutions to difficult FX shots.

I am also a classically trained artist with excellent rendering skills and am capable of speed sketching out ideas from description and drawing up storyboards or other pre-vis materials.
Software ProficiencyI have many years of professional experience working in After Effects, Photoshop, 3DS Max, a strong knowledge of Particular, Form and Element 3D plug-ins for After Effects and FumeFX and Rayfire for 3D Studio. i'm also an expert in Mocha and proficient with Syntheyes and PFTrack.

additionally i have some experience working with with Illustrator, Zbrush, and Mudbox.

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1170 Daisy Ave - Venice, California - 90291 - United States

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