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ExperienceThe continuous cycle of hiring caused by high staff turnover is a major threat to employers. The key to success lies in good people who can reinforce the feeling of trust and responsibility that clients and customers expect from your organization.

Kwantek, with its unique and powerful Applicant Tracking System, lets you focus your time on the candidates you want to hire. The integration of the Operating Style Assessment, Background Screening and Onboarding capabilities is designed to reduce turnover and bring efficiencies to your industry.

With the Kwantek system, you will be able to more efficiently filter through your candidates and eliminate paperwork. As your retention rates increase, you will save even more in hiring costs and will realize immediate savings of thousands of dollars.

The Kwantek Applicant Tracking System is easy to implement, and the Kwantek team will walk your business through every step. You will realize immediate savings from the technological improvements and automated systems, then long-term savings as you close the revolving door on employee turnover.

Put technology to work for you through our web-based system. Learn more about how the Kwantek Applicant Tracking System can improve hiring and profits for your company. It's working for your competitors
EducationKwantek continues to be dedicated to perfecting technology and industry solutions to ensure that our clients are more productive and profitable, year after year. We promise service based around each customer’s needs, with our commitment to provide the best services and solutions at the lowest possible cost. Our company name is inspired by the Native American god Kwatee, the god of change, improvement and transformation. With that in mind, the Kwantek team is dedicated to providing the most efficient and cost-effective ways to transform your business and, most importantly, improve your profitability.

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Louisville, Kentucky - United States

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