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I love what I do. I'm passionate about getting it right and helping others do their best. I'm usually the lead on a project and so try to make everyone feel wanted, needed, and appreciated. The best suggestions can come from the lowliest of crew positions sometimes. It's a team effort this industry, and the team must include people you can trust, from the manufacturers who make your gear to the PA who arrives with the goods needed.

That said, your first duty is to your story whether it's an ad for a car or a feature film, every element, visual and aural must support the story.
ExperienceMore than I want to admit to.

40 years professional show business. Theatre, Film, Video, Producing, Writing, Directing.. Actually started as an actor. Entered the dinner theater business in the '70's during it's hey day, and then just moved where the eyes went. To video in 1978.

When I went to college I was told you couldn't edit that 2" video tape at all without splicing it. I teach digital non-linear editing in two universities today.

Author: Jerry Hofmann on Final Cut Pro 4, Voices that matter series, New Riders Publishing, Pearson Educucation,

Creative COW articles, Forum Leader and DVD author.
EducationUniversity of Denver B.A Mass Communications, Film TV, Theatre

Award winning film/video production for over 30 years. Clients range from ad agencies, aerospace firms, beauty, fashion, retail, wholesale, medical, technical, manufacturing, and Hollywood studios. Broadcast and web delivery.

11th year at The Colorado Film School, teaching postproduction classes part time, and in my second semester at CU Boulder teaching in the Film Studies program there.

I keep two production companies active, one my own (jlh productions), and anther a partnership started this year (24SevenCSR).

Hardware ProficiencyI was a pioneer professional user in many current NLE technologies owning one of the very first Avid systems delivered to Los Angeles in May of 1989. Jerry's been Testing hardware and software systems for postproduction environments from that day forward. Including the next 10 years of development of Avid's systems. I'm actually listed in the credits of the systems delivered during the ''90's. In 1999 I discovered Final Cut Pro, and within 3 releases, became a member of Apple's beta team. I use Final Cut Pro today.

Jerry and his companies have been on numerous beta testing teams with top industry companies including Apple, AJA, Matrox, Avid and many others during the past 21 or so years.

Software ProficiencyFCP, Avid, AE, Motion, Photoshop. and a bunch more... lots. more than I need probably.

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8310 South Valley Highway - Englewood, Colorado - 80112 - United States

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