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CINEX Azerbaijan Film production company Full Service Video Production

CINEX Azerbaijan Film production company Full Service Video Production

Full Service Video Production

232-234 Aliyar Aliyev Street - Baku, AZ1052 - Azerbaijan

Centenarians of Azerbaijan (Working Title). Written/directed by Maria Ibrahimova
Mine Legacy (Working Title). Written/directed by Maria Ibrahimova
Numerous commercials
VPRO TV. Metropolis Program
Discovery Science. Build it Bigger (Extreme Engineering): Azerbaijan's Amazing Transformations
CBS Channel. The Amazing Race, season 20, Baku episode
Eurovision Song Contest 2012 - Baku, Azerbaijan: 42 video postcards in cooperation with Brainpool TV (Germany)
ExperienceCineX is a film and video production company based in the heart of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. Initially started as a modest editing studio, CineX has grown to encompass full production and post-production capabilities, including fully uncompressed workflow and DaVinci color correction. We also function as a rental house for a variety of production equipment. Our experienced staff represent some of the finest talent and technical expertise in the country.
Started by an American award-winning filmmaker and a Fulbright scholar, today we are the finest production house in Azerbaijan. At CineX we are all about creativity, quality, and customer satisfaction.
EducationCreative idea
Script writing
Location scouting
Shooting board
2D/3D animation
Set design
Set decoration
Ultra High Definition cinema and video production
SpecialityWe specialize in accommodating international production crews who would choose to film in Azerbaijan. We can provide a support network of location scouts, fixers, casting, translators, trained crew and advice on how to navigate the local infrastructure. We can consider co-production on a case-by-case basis. We also rent out our equipment and facilities when not engaged on other projects. Please contact us for rates and availability.
Hardware ProficiencyFull-time production team (administrative, creative, camera, sound, grip, lighting, drivers, etc...)
ARRI Alexa Mini
RED Epic Dragon, 35mm, 5K format, 300fps capability
Sony FS7, 35mm, 4K
Remote controlled gyrostabilised helicopter with pilot and cameraman
ARRI Master Primes
ARRI Ultra Primes
Lomo Square Front anamorphic
Various SmallHD, Transvideo, Marshall and Ikegami monitors
Teradek wireless transmission set
SWIT wireless transmission set
8 Meter crane with platform for cameraman and assistant, tracks
Panther dolly with Super Jib and tracks
Full set of HMI, LED, tungsten and on-cameral lights
12 channel sound recorder with Sennheiser and Sanken directional and wireless lavaliere microphones
Generator and grip truck
Camera car
On-site catering
and much more...

Ultra High Definition post-production:

Raw, uncompressed Final Cut Pro editing in all flavors of RED, 5K, 4K, 2K and HD formats, 800Mb/sec, fastest in Azerbaijan
Professional color correction in DaVinci Resolve
Finishing in Adobe After Effects and Autodesk Combustion
2D/3D graphics and animation
Sound editing and mixing
Subtitling from/to multiple languages and local dialects
Dubbing and localization
Output on Blue Ray and DVD

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232-234 Aliyar Aliyev Street - Baku, AZ1052 - Azerbaijan

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