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Gérard Angé Productions  International Inc. Director of Photography

Gérard Angé Productions  International Inc. Director of Photography

Director of Photography

BOX 2234 - Healdsburg, California - 95448 - United States

Gerard has provided video content and programming, throughout Europe and North and South America and Asia. He has provided production and broadcast services for all the US broadcast networks and some in Europe including his own global satellite network "Gapsat".

He has produced and managed large multi-facetted productions and events from the ground up, directly working with very high profile clients. He has produced large multi-camera video productions with multiple television crews, booking tractor trailer production rigs on the east, west coasts and outside the US. He has produced large single productions simultaneously on three separate continents via satellite. Gerard has worked and managed television productions where his single production budgets were over $100K.

Gerard says; " There is always a solution to every problem. I do like the challenges and know the importance of having the talent to pull a rabbit out of the hat when needed."

Gerard has had a strong background of technical talents in problem solving in all areas: Logistics / Production / Audio / Video / Fiber / and Satellite. Gerard is a valuable resourceful and talented addition to any broadcast production team.

ExperienceOver 20 Years of International Broadcast Television Satellite Remotes .

Produced, and/or provided broadcast services for the following shows and networks:
ABC: Good Morning America, Nightline, KABC-TV, ABC Sports, Larry King, Bloomberg TV, Brave New Films, BSKYB, CBC-TV, CBS, CNBC, CNN, CNNfn: Moneyline, Digital Jam, ESPN, ESPN-2, ESPN-360, FOX News, FOX Sports, FX, Industrial Light & Magic, International Cricket All Stars, KGO-7, KPIX-5, KTVU-2, KNTV-11 MSNBC, MacNEIL Lehrer, Nash Bridges, NBA-Tv, NBC, NCAA, Stanford University, Swedish TV-4, Tech-TV, The Today Show, PBS, Tech-Tv, United Artists, UNVISION, UPN, World Soccer, ZDTV

* Producer: 2000 “The Planet Project” Global Televised / Non-Stop 4-Day Event; Millions
participate in eight languages across all continents, an attempt to cross the “The digital-divide”.

* Producer: 1997 VH-1 Paul McCartney“Flaming Pie” Bishop’s Gate, London UK.

* Producer: ”1996 Presidential Debates” and many other White House televised events.

Corporate Clients:
3Com, Avantis Medical Systems, Align Technology, AutoDesk, Bank of America, Blaze Software, Bloomberg TV, Broadware Software, Bayer, Cisco Systems, Chevron, COMDEX, Conseco Insurance, Evidian Inc., Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, Hyatt Regency, Hyundai, INTEL, Kana Software, KPMG, Marriott, McKesson Corp, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, NASA TV, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Omniquest, Opus Marketing, Oracle, Pacific Gas & Electric CO., Pacific Telesis, Peoplesoft, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Putnam Investments, Qwest, Robert Bosch, Saga Software, SRI, Stanford University, Stephen Covey, ST/Microelectronics, State Farm Insurance, Sun Microsystems, Teradyne, US Department of Commerce, US Department of Homeland Security, US WEB/CKS, Wells Fargo, Wyncom, Zhi Gang Sha LLC.
EducationKCSM / San Mateo , California
SpecialityPROVIDING: Video/Cine Services / Equipment & Crew
35mm Cine & Video Services
35mm Time Lapse Services Aerial Drone Services
Broadcast News Services to all national and international Locations.
ATA Carnet, bonded to travel International in 48hrs.

Address: Box 2234, Healdsburg,
California 95448 USA
Nor Cal: (415) 975-1999
So Cal: (424) 777-2281

Hours of Operation: 24/7

Range of Operation: Both International & Domestic

Guilds/Unions: I.A.T.S.E.

SERVICES ---------------------------------

ENG / SNG / Live News Gathering / Aerial CINE/VIDEO / Helicopter Jib Services / Time Lapse

Studio interview & Live Webcast Facilities, Post Production Editing Facilities.

Image Mag, Interviews , Webcasting, Satellite Remote Services

Sony PMW F-3 Prime/Zoom
Sony NEX FS-100 U
Sony Cx-760 GyroCam
Kessler Revolution Oracle Remote Camera control.
CineStar-8 360 35mm Drone Aircraft
Hardware ProficiencyCineAlta 35mm
Sony PMW F-3 Prime/Zoom
Kessler Revolution Oracle Remote Camera control.
Sony NEX FS-100 U
CineStar-8 360 Drone Aircraft
Software ProficiencyMac / Windows
CS6 Premier Cloud
FX Factory
Live Type
Sapphire Edge

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BOX 2234 - Healdsburg, California - 95448 - United States

Cinematography   •   Director of Photography
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