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Motion Graphics

- Dallas, 75206 - United States

Demo Reel:
RubberBullet Motion Design Reel Winter 2012
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ExperienceHighly creative and conceptual thinker with twenty years of design experience. Now applying that experience, creativity and skill to Motion Design and Animation. Using a passionate “can do” problem solving approach with strong design skills and production management to produce highly creative materials exceeding client expectations by meeting deadlines and budgets. Exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills, a dynamic team player with well developed written and verbal communication skills.
EducationEast Texas State University: January 1985 - May 1989. Completed Communication Art Program, major in
Design, minor in Photography, study also included Fine Art, Printmaking. Won 8 various student awards.

Various supplemental Digital Video courses and workshops at BAVC and Vista College
Studied After Effects, Final Cut pro, and DVD Studio Pro.
SpecialityAlways continuing to study and experiment to expand knowledge and skills. Recently creating Stop Motion
Animations that use my photography, lighting, and set design, as well as Photoshop and After Effects for
final production.
Hardware ProficiencyMac and PC, 20 years Mac use
Software ProficiencyVIDEO PROGRAMS
Adobe CS5 and Final Cut Studio 2
After Effects:
Expert Level, motion design, 3D, animation,
compositing, color correction, color key, rotoscope
Final Cut Pro
High Level: multi camera, sound synch, color correction
DVD Studio Pro
Expert Level: designed and produced 100+ DVDs
Compressor and Adobe Media Encoder
Expert Level: prepping both HD and SD movie files for
on-line streaming
Studio Artist
Expert Level: creating artwork for animation
and rotoscoping
Expert Level: screen capture for on-line streaming

Adobe CS5
Expert Level: design, color correcting and compositing
Expert Level: 20+ year user, design, illustration,
typography design, creating vectors for animation/motion
Expert Level: 12+ year user, catalogs and magazines
Adobe Bridge . Capture One . SoundBooth . Soundtrack
DSLR, video and still, lighting, set building, styling

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- Dallas, 75206 - United States

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