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ExperienceAssistant Editor, Beach Entertainment 2012-present
Capture, convert, and log with scene ids for FCP editing. Pre-color time dailies to create the intended look of the scene. Using the specification and format sheets, make all the deliverables for broadcast and distribution.

Assistant Colorist & Post Production Manager, Heavy Light Digital 2003-2012
I assisted the post production of many feature film projects created from client EDLs and XMLs, using conforming, color correcting, and then mastering their timelines for broadcast and theatrical distribution. All the phases of the work were done using Adobe After Effects CS6, Apple’s Color, Compressor, and Final Cut Pro 7. These projects would usually require color correction, special effects, dust and scratch removal, compositing, graphics and titles.
Also, I've been shooting in 3D with dual T2i HD cameras on a mirror rig various medical procedures and then, editing, setting convergence, and aligning these 3D stereo projects for HD broadcast(side by side) and theatrical projection.

Assistant Editor, Graphics, Motion Control & Stage Manager, MAGNO 1993-2003
 I administered the Broadway stage for green and blue screen production and later administered the insert stage for satellite uplink and media tours. In graphics, I created and composted with After Effects and Quantel, the many diverse elements needed to create 3D medical and commercial animations and then assembled them in the Avid for client approval. Using motion control, I animated photos for many broadcast shows.

News Editor, Post Coordinator Night Graphics, ABC NEWS 1996-1997 
With the graphics team, I worked with the network art directors to construct broadcast graphics for the nightly news show and weekly news specials using Flame, Abacus, Maya and Quantel.

News Editor, Post Coordinator Night Graphics, NBC Dateline 1994-1995
Managed the night graphics team to create the ‘Dateline’ looks with Qunatel for all the show's segments and graphics. 

Assistant Editor, Graphics, Stage & Motion Control, Gramercy Broadcast 1988-1991
Created production and postproduction elements for editing and satellite uplinks to create public relations stories.

Graphics & Motion Control, Thirteen-WNET 1988-1992
Working with PBS art directors and editors, I designed and filmed the elements for many award winning shows.

Audio Visual, NASA/Electronic Research Center MIT Campus Boston 
As a Audio Visual intern, I worked closely with NASA scientists to create presentations for the Space Shuttle and the Moon Missions.
EducationBoston University 
Bachelor of Science in Communications
SpecialityKEY SKILLS: Conform and finishing for DCP, film and air using Apple Color, Final Cut Pro, After Effects CS6. Maintained Xserve, film recorder, and color correct monitors. Also created titles & graphics. Worked in network and broadcast production, photo animation, green screen, color correction, special effects, stage and table top production. Experienced with 3D for broadcast production and post alignment and convergence.
Hardware ProficiencyMAC
Software ProficiencyAFTER EFFECTS CS6

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2719 West Main St Apt.D - Wappingers Falls, New York - 12590 - United States

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