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7 Nightingale Place, Stanway - Colchester, Essex, England - CO3 8WN - United Kingdom

I am a hardworking individual and a good communicator, who works equally well both in a team and independently. When given tasks I aim to complete them efficiently to get the best result for the company.
ExperienceFreelance Film, Video Game, DVD and Comic Book Reviewer - 19th June 2010 to Present - Employer: HeyUGuys, Jon Lyus,

Steward - 13th April 2012 - Employer: BBC’s Flog It, Charlotte Loving,

Administration/Editorial Intern - 10th January 2012 to 10th February 2012 - Employer: Steel Media, Richard Brown,

Teenage Music Show Volunteer - 19th November 2011 - Employer: Slack Space, Phil Wyard,

Freelance Distribution Assistant - 11th July 2011 to 21st September 2011 - Employer: SkuFlix, Arabella Hutter,

Freelance Video Game and Comic Book Reviewer - 13th July 2011 to 20th September 2011 - Employer: What Culture, Matt Holmes,

Z-1 Camera Operator - 19th April 2011 - Employer: Steve Look,

News Sub-Editor - 8th February 2011 to 16th April 2011 - Employer:, Jamie Baker,

Administration Intern - 21st February 2011 to 4th March 2011 - Employer: Optimum Releasing, Kate Griffin,

Sound Recordist - 12th December 2010 - Employer: Sean Powell,

Runner - 27th November 2010 to 6th December 2010 - Employer: Lucy Milner,

Director’s Assistant - 14th July 2010 to 16th September 2010 - Employer: Garage Sale Productions, Steve Sale,

Film Workshop Volunteer - 10th August 2010 to 12th August 2010 - Employer: Peter Johnston,

Z-1 Camera Operator - 30th July 2010 to 31st July 2010 - Employer: Spatial Awareness, Dominic Morgan,

Script Supervisor - 26th May 2010 to 26th July 2010 - Employer: James Amstell,

Clapper and Digital Loader - 20th July 2010 to 24th July 2010 - Employer: Inga Baibakova,

Set Dresser - 10th April 2010 to 11th April 2010 - Employer: Farah Mohamed,

Radio Co-Presenter - 28th February 2010 to 28th March 2010 - Employer: Westside 89.6FM, Ewan Willmott,

Sound Operator - 6th March 2010 to 7th March 2010 - Employer: Robert S J Lucas,

Sound Operator - 7th February 2010 to 13th February 2010 - Employer: Shoe String Filming, Alex Ross,

Lighting Technician - 12th December 2009 - Employer: Maria Padro Casas,

Camera Operator - 8th December 2009 - Employer: Susan Thomason,

Production Runner - 28th to 29th March 2009 - Employer: Lizzie Powell,

Office Assistant - 4th December to 22nd December 2007 - Employer: Signals Media Arts, Diane Bishop,
EducationThe University of West London
SpecialityWrite Reviews and Articles
Handling Budgets and Money
Lighting Sets
Operate HDV Z-1, PD-170 and PD-150 Cameras
Draw Storyboards
Sound Recording
Export and Upload Videos Online
iWork Software
Use of Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint
Editing with Final Cut Pro and Avid Xpress Pro
Make DVDs with DVD Studio Pro
Upload Content on WordPress
Hardware ProficiencyMacBook Pro
PC Laptops
Software ProficiencyFinal Cut Pro
DVD Studio Pro
Avid Xpress Pro
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Powerpoint

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Submitted by on May 18, 2012
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7 Nightingale Place, Stanway - Colchester, Essex, England - CO3 8WN - United Kingdom

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