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90 Oser Avenue - Hauppauge, New York - 11788 - United States

ExperienceI am an experienced marketing executive who has led the explosive growth of digital photography at three well-known brands. My broad expertise includes public relations, advertising, point-of-sale marketing, brand management, end-to-end product management, market research and product development in both hardware, software and web services. I am blessed to have so many friends in the photography industry, in the press and in related industries.

I try to be an honest broker in all of my dealings and to treat people as I expect to be treated in all aspects of business and life. I believe in straight-talk and I always try to give direct and honest answers. I'd rather tell you the truth than try to protect your feelings, always remembering business is business and time is precious. I am always looking to help young and upcoming photographers and marketers as best I can as long as it does not compromise me or my company.

Information Architecture
Internet SEO & SEM
Market Research including Omniture Suite and Google Analytics, NPD
Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom
Apple Aperture
Mac OS X
Microsoft Office
EducationColumbia University in the City of New York
BA, History

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Submitted by on May 21, 2012
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90 Oser Avenue - Hauppauge, New York - 11788 - United States

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