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Color Correction and Grading

19009 Sherman Way #39 - Reseda, California - 91335 - United States

I am a Post Production Professional with a love for Color Correction/Finishing, an acumen for media management and workflow and have experience working in a number of capacities on a variety of show types. Content ranging from Internet Release Docu Shorts to an Independent Feature.

Some of the roles I have held in addition to Colorist and Finishing Editor: Post Production Supervisor, 1st Assitant Editor, DVD Author, I have been in charge of system maintenance as well as researching new technologies to implement into the workflows of my employers.

My color Reel can be found @

Demo Reel:
Eric B Johnson, Color Reel
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ExperienceLead Assistant Editor, Life Flight (TNT, Slated for 2014) Colorist, Food Paradise: Sturgis, (Pilot)
Colorist, Projects are Calling (6 Webisodes for Co-Colorist, Shock Value (Feature)
Online Editor/Colorist/Workflow Consultant, Free Spirits (ESPN Films) Colorist, Rapare (Short Film)
Colorist, I Hate You, The Shining Twins (Music Video for Internet release) Assistant Editor, mOcean (Various projects • Various Outlets)
Colorist, The Last Prayer (Short Film)
Colorist, Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series (Non Racing Segments, 2012 Series CBS and CBS Sports) Colorist, Presley’s Pantry (Multiple Episodes, Video Food Blog)
Colorist, Indigo Project (Various projects, Content for Internet release)
Colorist/Online Editor/Post Prod. Supervisor, 2011 TORC: The Off-Road Championship (Velocity Series) Online Editor, Best Thing I Ever Ate, S5 (Food Network)
Colorist, Already in Love, Exene Cervenka (Music Video for Internet release)
Online Editor/Post Prod. Supervisor, 2010 TORC: The Off-Road Championship (HD Theater Series) Colorist, Notes from the New World (Feature)
Colorist/Online Editor, Prehistoric Assassins:Blood in the Water (Discovery Channel Special) Colorist/Online Editor, Prehistoric Assassins: Jaws and Claws (Discovery Channel Special) Colorist/Online Editor, Nostradamus Effect (History Channel Series)
Colorist/Online Editor, Alien Weather (Discovery Channel Special)
Colorist/Online Editor, How Stuff Works (Discovery Channel Series)
Colorist/Online Editor, More Extreme Marksmen (History Channel special)
EducationBrooks Institute of Photography, Ventura, CA
SpecialityColor Correction and Online Editng
Hardware ProficiencyJL Cooper Eclipse CX, SRW-5800, SRW-5500, HDW-500, DVW-500/1, DVW-A500, JH-3, J-30 SDI, HVR-1500, HVR-M35U, DSR-45, BVW-70, AJ-HD1400, AJ-HD1200, AJ-PCS060G, Decklink Extreme 3D+, Kona 3 w/ Kbox, Kona LHe w/ Kbox, AJA-Gen 10, AJA ADA 4
Software ProficiencyDaVinci Resolve, Avid, Final Cut Studio: Final Cut Pro, Color, DVD Studio Pro, Compressor, Soundtrack Pro; After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Aperture, Episode, Quicktime, OS X, M-Peg Streamclip, Transmit, Cyber Duck, Kona Control Panel

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Submitted by on Jun 20, 2012
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19009 Sherman Way #39 - Reseda, California - 91335 - United States

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