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BLURR Productions Motion Graphics

BLURR Productions Motion Graphics

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Sherman Oaks, California - 19401 - United States

Please contact me at your earliest convenience for more information or a PDF version of my resume. Please see some of my work @
ExperienceJ O S H M A C K E Y, BFA
(912) 441-2856

Innovative, results oriented, hands-on production professional with strong project management experience and enthusiasm for design.

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a Broadcast, Motion Graphics, and Interactive Designer position.

• Over 20 years of comprehensive experience as creative professional.
• Knowledgeable in concept through end user delivery, adapting new technologies
for television, web and experiential projects, business development, and marketing.
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills; relates well with demanding clients, collaborates well
with production and creative personnel from diverse backgrounds.
• Organized with the ability to handle multiple tasks on tight deadlines and deliver project completion
on time and on budget.
• Experienced in hiring, training, motivating, and developing personnel.
• Creative strategist and consultant to consumer products & corporations to improve branding strategy
and enhance effectiveness of designs to increase outreach over multiple platforms.


2006 to Present BLURR North Hollywood, CA
Owner / Motion Graphics / Presentation Specialist / Editing and Directing:

BLURR Productions (2006 - Present)
- Art Director, Web Designer - Division of BLURR, focusing on web design, site creation, and initial branding for clients. Custom websites to enhance clients brand & increase market outreach.

• Yours Truly Music (2016) - Website design, Music News, Reviews, Blog.
• CQA (2016) - Website design, Food Safety Auditing Firm.
• Sparkle Your Style (2016) - Logo, Website, Jewelry Online Store, Photography and Marketing.
• Michael Valenzuela (2016) - Logo, Website, Actors Reel and Marketing.
• GEAR Technology Repair (2016) - GEAR Logo, Marketing, Website.
• M.R. Cockerham Painting (2010 - 2016) - Website and updated Brand, 2010.
Updated Website, 2013. Updated Website, 2016.
• Brandy George Salon (2015) - Website and Marketing.
• Froio’s Lawn and Landscape (2015) - Froio’s Lawn and Landscape website and marketing.
• Ankle Deep Adventures (2015) - Ankle Deep Adventures Logo, Website and Business Cards
• Active PC (2015) - Logo, Website and Business Cards.

VIBE Film Production (August 2016)
- "Back Stabbers for Beginners" - Movie trailer commercial: Designed look, style and feel of title sequence. Designed motion graphics, graphic treatment for footage, color correction and created several versions for the commercial. Generated final render and delivery.
Outcome: Movie has initial buzz created. To be released in 2017.
- "Inferno" - Movie trailer commercial: Designed look, style and feel of title sequence.
Designed motion graphics, graphic treatment for footage, designed several quote reviews for the commercials. Generated final render and delivery.
Outcome: Movie had great first weekend for their box office opening.

IGNITED (August 2016)
- Case Study / Pitch - Animation and designed title sequences, video editing, and motion graphics to put together three videos. Two; 2 minute videos and one; 7 minute video. Videos; DTS Case Study, SEC Case Study. Generated final baked comps for final render and delivery.
Outcome: Client pitch / case study hit the mark and brought in new clients.

CVLT Film Productions (August 2016)
- Sutter Health -Title sequence and motion graphics; designed look and feel of logo sequence, footage graphic treatment, color correction, created four stylized ads that
followed Sutter Health’s branding guidelines. Generated final render and delivery.
Outcome: Increased client awareness and community outreach of services.

Playa Pictures (April 2016)
- Amazon In Store Customer Bridge Product Overview - Title sequence, editing and motion graphics; designed look and feel of logo sequence, footage graphic treatment, color correction, created special FX, explanation of new product and Amazon users in-store application. Generated final baked comps for final render and delivery.
Outcome: Clients achieved a story and a solution to provide a look into Amazon’s new technology.

CVLT Film Productions (March 2016)
- CHASE Year In Review 2015 - Title sequence and motion graphic; designed look and feel of logo sequence, footage graphic treatment, color correction, created special FX, montage of clients year’s achievements with graphic style. Generated final render and delivery.
Outcome: Client’s internal meeting had the branding and look it deserved.

CVLT Film Productions (December 2015)
- BRITELING - Toy commercial title sequence and motion graphics; created look and feel of logo sequence, footage graphic treatment, Chroma keying footage, color correction, created special FX, animated each name and applied particle FX. Generated final baked comps for final render and delivery.
Outcome: Commercial doubled toy sales.

Myriad Genetics (September 2015)
- Myriad Genetics Re-Brand - Logo reveal animation video, white board video discussing the companys focus on patients and its physicians. Discussion on technology and steps forward.
Outcome: Logo animation and company video provided a new elegant platform to showcase the company.

T3 Micro (February 2015)
- SEPHORA - In-store product video presentation; developed in-store video presentation for the Twirl 360, Body Waver, and Whirl Trio. Animated panels for each hair product.
Outcome: Product Demonstration / Commercial doubled sales and product awareness. Client ordered a French version from the success of the English version for Sephora stores in France.

B.A.D. Film Productions (January 2015)
- DIRTY - Movie title sequence; created look and feel of 3D design and camera work. Edited footage from video shoot, created special FX, animated each name and applied particle FX. Generated final movie.

OOOii (June 2014)
- JURASSIC WORLD - Major motion picture; created animated screens for computer command modules in Dinosaur Lab. Also designed; UX/UI design, compositing, tracking, rotoscoping, motion graphics.
Outcome: Biggest box office revenue in 2014.

Arenas Group (May 2014)
- THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2 (May 2014) - Commercial Trailer for Spanish Translation; re-created the English commercial titles into Spanish. Replicated look, animation, style and technique.
- HEAVEN IS REAL (May 2014) - Commercial Trailer for Spanish Translation.
- NOAH (March 2014) - Commercial Trailer for Spanish Translation.

& CO (December 2013)
- HBO Sarah Silverman Special - Video Conversion; built motion graphics and converted footage from HBO for all banner format sizes used in an online campaign.

HU-MAN Element (November 2013)
- KIA of Irvine - New Owners and Service Video; designed motion graphic elements, edited interviews, B-roll footage, color corrected and mixed sound to generate final renders and compressions for iPad/Tablet, iPhone/Android and HD TV. Created continuous loop showing services for KIA of Irvine service department and other promotional materials.
Outcome: New owners have a custom and personal interaction with the service department.

La Femme Film Festival (October 2013)
- La Femme Awards Show - Created motion graphics; built a full motion graphics package for the 2013 Film Festival including; honoree footage, lower thirds, B-Roll, sound mix, color correction and final output.
Outcome: Award show went off as scheduled and was a success.

SONY Entertainment (June 2013)
- Electric Daisy Carnival 2013 -Designed motion graphics; special FX, particle FX, tracking, B-Roll, color correction and generated final render and compressions for video.
Outcome: SONY had an electrifying booth at the convention, which boosted booth visitors.

OOOii (April 2013)
- AMPAS Museum - Aided in the development and production of 80-inch projected panels to showcase the AMPAS Museum at LACMA.
Outcome: The Museum fundraiser was a huge success and they received funding needed to complete the exhibit and museum.

Qgilvy and Mather (April 2013)
- Let’s Get Ready Video (SAT program for low income) - Designed title cards, lower thirds, edited interviews, B-Roll, color correction and generated final render and compressions for video.

ESPN LA Live (December 2012)
- Live Production and VIZ Operator - Assembled graphics for live broadcast production of Sports Center, Audibles, and Nacion ESPN.

Dragon Cove Studio (October 2012)
- “Broken Glass” - Title Sequence and End Credits; designed and animated all credits and title sequence components.

DineEquity (February 2012)
- IHOP and Applebee’s National Food Chains - Internal Digital Signage Branding; Story boarded, conceptualized, animated and edited high-energy visual digital displays to accompany corporate messaging. Performed as liaison between DineEquity and digital signage development team to implement new model designs for messaging and setting specifications for firewalls.

JP MORGAN CHASE BANK (2010 - 2012) • Wimlington, DE
- Strategic Marketing and Communications - Managed online content development: creative content, commercials, and interactive demos for website, television, kiosks and internal uses. Built demos for upcoming releases of mobile applications and web based products. Standardized video and closed captioning for all JP Morgan CHASE websites ensuring accurate multiple browser streaming as well as mobile accessibility. Collaborated with team to design and implement standards for video and graphics for all media. Created new interactive training series for new hires in the banking sector that were launched to different groups globally that year. Fostered ongoing development of web-based consumer products and services. Continued development of mobile applications for smart phones and devices.

HAMILTON COMMUNICATIONS (2008 - 2009) • Chicago, IL
- Lead Senior Interactive Designer - Hummingbird Group; produced, designed, story boarded, edited various media for diverse projects including:
- CampSuperfly (CSF) (March 2009) - Created Camp Experience video. Resulting in solid participation from campers around the country enabling children with similar immunodeficiency were able to belong to a larger community.
- Hamilton (September 2008) - Produced recruiting video, which recruited several writers and editors from the fair for both intern and paid positions. Video also shown internally in Hamilton offices for self-promotion and retention purposes.
- Baxter (August 2008) - National Hemophilia Foundation Convention: The ADVATE Adventure - 4 Interactive Adventures: Space, Sea, Safari, and Skiing. Designed & developed video to download at home.
Outcome: Resulted in 400 attendees participating in a three-day convention. Attendees received personalized DVDs and video that was uploaded to a secure site for downloading at home. Client was impressed with booth traffic and opportunities to launch the new ADVATE brand and message platform.
- Baxter Bio-therapeutics (June 2008) - David Pitt Story: produced Patient Profile Video. Video was used for “My Choice, My Advate” Patient Testimonial national campaign. Campaign was developed to highlight Baxter’s commitment to its core value: patients first.
- Hylenex Recombinant (Hyaluronidase Human Injection) (February 2008) - Produced in-service Training Videos, which exceeded the client’s expectations. Videos were used for internal and external ad campaigns, and highlighted during Hylenex Launch Meeting and sales training program.

WXTF-TV: FOX NEWS PHILADELPHIA (2007 - 2008) • Phiadelphia, PA
- Broadcast Designer - Designed and created OTS (over-the-shoulder) and Monitors (all monitors during the show) graphics and maps for traffic and incident locations, as well as openers for special reports and sports packages. Produced 20 to 60 graphics, three to five maps for accidents and traffic reports per show, and special report packages every two weeks.

Motion Graphics Design Consultant
- Power Equipment Direct (November 2009) - Designed Snow Blower television commercial. Commercial aired across select television markets in the United States.
- Brandimation (September 2007) - Industrial/Interactive Design Firm ??" Designed Ecopop Promotional Video: Video was launched at 2007 National Packaging Convention. Client highlighted video in trade show booth in center kiosk. Various bottling companies picked up the video for multiple advertising campaigns for several products with Ecopop bottle design.

Millennium Pharmaceuticals
- VELCADE Animated Presentation (July 2007) - Created five animated graphs within chart panels for video presentations in the VELCADE trade show booth for 2007 ASCO Convention. Delivered compelling visuals making the clinical data come to life, which helped clients attract more traffic into their booth.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Broadcast Design / Graphic Design

o Webby Award from CHASE (2011). - Awarded for the CHASE I-phone quick deposit banking application
via CHASE’s mobile application.
o Earth Link Web Designer Award (2005).
EducationGraduated from Savannah College of Art and Design - BFA Motion Graphics & Graphic Design
SpecialityMotion Graphics, Web, Flash, Animation, 3D, TV, Film, Editing, Sound Design, FX, and encoding video for web.
Hardware ProficiencyMac OS, Cannon, Panasonic, RED 1, Nikon, Flo Light Kits & ARRI Kits (lighting)
Software ProficiencyApple Creative Suite, iLife Suite, VIZ Broadcast, Adobe Creative Suite, Kyron, Voltaic, Cinema 4D, Mac OSX / Windows, VLC, Red Giant Collections, Special FX, Digidesign Protools, Soronson Squeeze, Microsoft Office, Fetch, QuarkXPress, Networking & TCP/IP, Flypaper, Quicktime Pro

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