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3D solutions 3D Animation

3D solutions 3D Animation

3D Animation

office 10, 11 Gandy St - Exeter, England - EX4 3LS - United Kingdom

I have a solid knowledge and understanding of all aspects to digital content creation, with strong emphasis on 3D modelling and animation. I consistently exceed customer expectations by constantly striving to better my service by keeping up with latest techniques, technologies, software, hardware and equipment. I am both artistic and technically minded which means I am able to deliver work that is aesthetically enhanced whilst being technically accurate.

Demo Reel:
3D solutions showreel
3D solutions showreel 2012, We are an award winning 3D animation and post production company based in Exeter UK providing professional and expert digital media solutions to a whole range of industries.

Established for more than 10 years, and credited with 2 royal society television aw... more

ExperienceRecent projects include:

• HASBRO: Design and illustration for new Monopoly game “Tropical Tycoon
• BBC: Lead Animator for multi-award-winning CBeeBies series “Numberjacks”
• NHS: Aids Virus animations
• DK publishers: 3D illustrations for various publications
• Disney: 3D product design for Merchandising products
• Discovery Channel: 3D animation for documentary “raising the roof”
• Somerfield: 3D animation for Corporate presentations
• Network rail: 3D visualization of the new Birmingham New St Station
• Goodrich: Aerospace animations for Paris and Farnborough Air shows
• BMW/Mini: web commercial
• 3D visualization for office chair range
• National Grid: corporate 3D animation
• Orange: 3D animation for anti-fraud campaign
• Various Architectural illustrations including: Wembley Arena, Royal Festival Hall, Persimmon Homes, Charles Church Homes, Westbury Homes, Midas Homes, ROK and Cavanna Homes.
• TV advert for Drakes Circus Shopping Centre
• Royal-Jet-Group: TV advert for Saudi Arabia group Arabasco
• Various theatre production projections including Robbie Williams, Ant n Dec and Henry Winkler.
• EA Games: Teaser Trailer animation for World Tour Golf
• TOMY: Digital backdrop, green screen and compositing for TV Advert
• Ben Sherman: TV advert
• Coleen Rooney’s Perfume ‘Butterflies’: TV advert
• TV advert
Education2:1 BEng hons degree in Aeospace Engineering
3 A-levels in Pure and applied Maths, Physics and Fine Art.
9 GCSe's (4A's, 3B's, 2C's)
SpecialityGenerally I specialize in 3D modelling, animation and SFX which encompasses all of the below services:

• 3D modelling, animation, rigging, texturing, lighting and rendering (from toonlike to photorealistic).
• 2D animation such as motion graphics or rotoscoping.
• High resolution Matte paintings, set extensions or sky replacement
• Composited practical effects such as smoke, sparks, fire, snow, rain, explosions, cloud/mist/fog etc
• Advanced Post production (complex compositing, grading, croma keying, rotoscoping, masking, motion tracking/stabilization, wire removal etc).
• Full 3D motion-tracking procedure for obtaining a virtual camera path matched exactly to the on-set camera.
• Full Body motion capture facility.
• Stereoscopic production including a dedicated computer suite for previewing S3D, with infra red shutter glasses and 3DTV.
• Full body 3D scanning facility.
• Dynamic simulations such as liquids, viscous fluids, gases, hardy-body dynamics, collision simulation, cloth dynamics, crowd simulation etc
• On-location hire for VFX supervision and advice (blue/green screen optimization, marker placement for 3D tracking, HDR lightprobe generation, reference photographs for textures or set extensions etc)
Hardware ProficiencyI build all my own computers including very high-end workstations and render farm servers.
I maintain, service and replace all my computer hardware regularly and always seek to upgrade to the latest spec possible.

I also own motion tracking cameras, 3D scanners and green screen equipment.
Software ProficiencyI am profficient in the following software programs that form the workflow of my 3D animation and post production studio:

Lightwave3D V11
zbrush 4R3
After effects CS6
Photoshop CS6
Realflow 2012
Poser 2012
iPi soft
zign track

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office 10, 11 Gandy St - Exeter, England - EX4 3LS - United Kingdom

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