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82, erasaliyapuram street, kadayanallur ,tirunelveli , tamilnadu - Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu - 627751 - India

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Creative Director (visual Editor)2007 April - 2012 march 30 TAMILAN KALAIKOODAM PVT.LTD( TAMILAN TV)
*Responsibilities included:Organazing the upcoming telecast programs
*Allot the technical people for upcoming programe like events, interviews, game shows, & Islamic speeches(dhawa)
*Correction the rough edit tape then make a final copy to telecast quality
*Receiving a brief, and sometimes an outline of footage or a shot list, or screenplay, assembling all raw footage with the camera shots either recorded or manually transferred onto high-format video tape in preparation for inputting into the computer, inputing uncut rushes and sound, synchronizing and storing them into files on computer.
*Also responsible for:Digitally cutting the files in order to determine the sequence of a film and determining what parts are usable, creating a ‘rough cut’ of the program/film and determining the exact cutting for the next and final stages and re-ordering and tweaking the content in order to ensure the logical sequencing and smooth running of the video.
VISUAL EDITOR & CINEMATOGRAPHER (Host Group) 2003 june to 2007 feb
*Capture the movies use all shots
*Correct ligting arrangement
*Good exposure
*Oversaw the quality and progress of audio and vision engineering and editing, consulted with the program producer. Experimented with styles and techniques. Selected the most effective shot of a scene in terms of drama, story relevance or continuity.
OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDED: Assembling the final video production sequence, consisting of shots taken from the raw camera footage, contacting directly producers and graphic artists to assemble video content for national and local television distribution, providing non-liner video editing, image manipulation and colour correction of all assigned productions.
Diplomo in cinematography
Final cut pro(visual editing)
Cinthamani computers Chennai(2002)
Specialityevent videography & photography also
Software ProficiencyPhotoshop cs5, Final cut pro version 7 & 10, D V D Studio pro 4 , Motion , Colours , Avid express pro , Sound track pro , Adope after effects , Mac & pc platforms

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82, erasaliyapuram street, kadayanallur ,tirunelveli , tamilnadu - Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu - 627751 - India

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