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Director of Photography


Los Angeles, California - United States

ExperienceProducer-Writer-Director -Director of Photography-Editor who co-founded and currently runs
Faithful Hound Pictures. Twenty years experience in related fields both on and back stage and in
front of and behind the camera.
Director of Photography
Asian Man (music video spoof) 2012 pre-production
Mattress Mann (short) 2012! !
Going Home (short) 2011
Candy (Mandy Moore music video spoof) 2010
The Manager (short) 2009
Kangoo Jumps (industrial) 2008
Mattress Mann (short) 2012
Wedding Video Montage 2012
Candy (trailer) 2010
The Manager (short) 2009
Eliminating Marks (trailer) 2008

Mattress Mann (short) 2012! ! ! !
The Manager (short) 2009
Eliminating Marks (feature) 2008
Kangoo Jumps (industrial) 2008
Heinz Ketchup “Always A Winner” (commercial) 2007
Heinz Ketchup “Always # 1" (commercial) 2007
The Runner Stumbles (AEA off-off Broadway) 2001
A Hatful Of Rain (AEA off-off Broadway) 2000
Grandma Duck Is Dead (AEA off-off Broadway) 1999
Asian Man (parody lyrics) 2012
Mattress Mann (short) 2011
Eliminating Marks (feature) 2008
Daylight Savings (feature) 2008
The Music Box (short) 2007
Out Fox (feature) 2004
Itʼs In The Bag (pilot) 2003
Totaled Recall (sketch performed by “ The Misfits”) 2003
The Brothersʼ Grimm (“Unacceptable Behavior” SiTV network) 2003
Occamʼs Razor (pilot) 2002

•HD/SD Camera Operation
•Editor FCP X
•Lighting Design and Concepts
•Set Design and Concepts
•Social Satire Joke Writer
•Experienced and proficient in copy writing original material, securing royalty rights
•Drafting performer and technician contracts
•Researching markets and audiences
•Researching subjects and concepts
•Networking at seminars, trade shows, festivals, and
showcases, and on new media
•Casting seminar with Chris Game 2012
•Final Cut Pro X Boot Camp 2012
•Abel Cine Tech Panasonic HVX200 seminar 2011
•Cinema Lighting and Concepts seminar 2011
•P2 Work Flow seminar 2011
•Commercial Acting with Daphne Kirby 2010
•Audition with Brian Reise 2008
•Montclair State University, Montclair, New Jersey
•Bachelor of Fine and Performing Arts 1993
•Masters Program 1995
•Major: Acting / Directing Minor: Cinematography

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Los Angeles, California - United States

Cinematography   •   Director of Photography
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