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Building 4, 10a Semyonovsky Val st. - Moscow, Moscow - 105094 - Russia

Demo Reel:
Foley FX Demo Reel | EverestMusic Studio, Moscow, Russia
Foley FX demo reel, produced at EverestMusic studio, Moscow, Russia... more

ExperienceSound post-production for TV series aired at prime time on federal channels:

- Lyubopytnaya Varvara, Channel One
- Raz, dva! Lyublyu tebya!, Rossiya 1 channel
- Pearl at a Sea, Rossiya 1 channel
- Brat za brata, Rossiya 1 channel
- Honey Love, Rossiya 1 channel
- Ponchik Lyusya, Rossiya 1 channel
- Duel, Rossiya 1 channel
- Pirani, Rossiya 1 channel
- My Darling Daughter, Rossiya 1 channel
- We Declare War On You, NTV channel
- Happy Together (Russian remake of Married... with Children), TNT channel - also co-production of musical score
- Soldiers, REN TV channel
- Platinum, NTV channel
- Khranitel
- Kruzheva, Rossiya 1 channel
- Odnazhdy budet lyubov, Rossiya 1 channel
- Lyubov na raione, TNT channel
- Metod Lavrovoj, CTC channel
- Heartbreakers, CTC channel
- Duraki. Dorogi. Dengi, CTC channel
- Fringe, TV-3 channel

Sound post-production for feature films:

- Kholodnoe Blyudo (2014), directed by Vladimir Nakhabtsev, Jr.
- Chasovschik (2013), directed by Alexey Feoktistov
- First Time for Everything (2011), directed by Leonid Fomin
The film was nominated as Best Debut Film in Jaipur International Film Festival that will take part in Jan 2012.
The film won Best Work with Music award on Spirit of Fire International Festival of film debuts in Ugra (Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Region), Russia, 2012.

Sound post-production for short films:

-, directed by Gulya Nizhinskaya - also production of musical score
The movie won 1st prize in 'The Best Experimental Film / Video Art' nominartion in METERS International Short and Animated Films Festival, carried out on Oct 14-16 2011.
- Zayavka na uspekh, directed by Ella Omelchenko
- Liniya, directed by Magomed Cheger
- Mechanika, directed by Alla Biryulyova

Sound post-production for Documentaries:

- The Syrian Diary (2012), Rossiya 1 channel
- Vremya Bashmeta (2012), Kultura channel

Sound post-production for TV shows:

- My Family Tree, TV program, Channel One
- Mr. Ripley's Incredible Collection (Russian version of Ripley's Believe It or Not!), TV show, DTV channel
- Vsyo po-vzroslomu (Vsyo po-vzroslomu), sketch show, CTC channel
- Collection of Olympic Narratives, Rossiya 2 channel - also production of musical score
'Duels and Oppositions', third film from Collection of Olympic Games Essays, won the Mention d’Honneur prise in Olympic Values category in 27th International TV and film festival 'Sport Movies & TV 2009', which was carried out in Milan. Together with Anna Dmitrieva's film '16 Stories not Only about Sports. First Champions' 'Duels and Oppositions' was chosen out of 180 films from 55 countries.
'Stories About Love', the first film of the series, won Best Documentary Award in VII International Sport Film Festival 'Krasnogorski', leaving behind the rival from the USA 'Kind David'.
Documentary series 'Collection of Olympic Games Essays' won the 2nd prise in 'Sports and Society' category in the 1st International Film Festival, that took place in Kazan.
The series of films also became one of 12 films awarded in the 5th Atlant International Sports Film Festival, carried out in Lipetsk.

Sound Post-Production for animated films:

- The Ballad of a Barber, directed by Ekaterina Kolosovskaya

Also experienced in music production including vocal recording and vocal tuning, audio mixing and audio mastering, production of music albums etc.
SpecialityApplied Sound Engineering
Software ProficiencyCubase, Nuendo

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