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Combining 19 years of experience in the industry with the enthusiasm of working with new hardware & software, I continue to broaden my skills with all the latest tools in creating innovative visual effects and computer animation for feature film and television projects. With my proven ability in all aspects of production and supervision, I will
continue to utilize my skills as a supervisor and offer my clients improved solutions when it comes to the growing challenges of production and post production.
ExperienceShutter Punch, Culver City, California 2011 - Present
On Set VFX Supervisor/Compositor
On set supervisor for the Fox network show Breaking In. Responsibilities include script breakdowns, pre-production planning and on-set execution of all visual effects sequences. Also responsible for compositing of vfx shots for the series using compositing tools such as Nuke, Flame & After Effects.

Pixel Playground, Woodland Hills, California Sept. 2011 - May 2012
3D Stereo Plate Tech
Responsible for correcting all 3D production plates in house for The Amazing Spiderman. Corrections include color & polarization disparities as well as geographic mis-alignments between the left & right cameras. Tested the 3D stereo to verify accuracy, intensity & comfort.

Westwind Media, Burbank, California 2011 - 2012
Sr. Inferno Artist
Lead Compositor carrying out vfx and optical compositing work for the show Grey’s Anatomy.

SpeedShape 3D, Venice, California 2011 - 2012
3D Depth Artist
Various tools were used to add 3D stereo depth to original plate photography for the show Spy Kids 4. Responsibilities were to create a ‘depth matte’ for each scene, combine the depth matte and original plate into the new stereo camera and choose appropriate inter-axial and convergence settings for each given shot which was approved by the stereographer & director.

Arena Films 3D, Los Angeles, California 2010 - Present
Camera Operator / Stereographer / DI Colorist
Utilized camera/video hardware to shoot the stereoscopic series “Experience 3D” for the Discovery Channel new 3D network. Job responsibilities include, setting up various cameras and 3D rigs in preparation for shooting. Performed actual camera operation and technical alignment of various rigs including inter-axial and convergence, genlock sync, lens matching, etc. Colorist for the entire series.

Think Pictures, Santa Monica, California 2008 - Present
Owner / DP
All projects involving visual effects supervision, compositing and RED Camera production work.
(refer to Credit List)

EntityFX, Santa Monica, California 2002 - 2011
Visual Effects Supervisor / Lead Artist
Involved with most projects in house entailing effects’ supervision/compositing. Utilized all the various software tools to realize the sequence called for by the client. Including Flame, AE, Nuke, Maya, PFtrack, Boujou, Zbrush and Shotgun shot management software.
(refer to Credit List)

Digital Chaos, Thousand Oaks, California 1994 - Present
Owner / Supervisor
Firestorm - a time lapse shot with 3 cameras, composited and edited during the Simi Valley fires in 2005. Currently airing on Al Gore’s Current TV network.
Smallville - Entity FX Lead Artist Season 2002-2005, Compositor. Winner of two Visual
Effects Society awards in 2003 and Visual Effects Society nominations in 2004, 2005, 2007.
Vanilla Sky - Advisory board member, Beta tester for AutoDesk/Discreet, mentioned in
press release for Combustion 2 software.
Montecito Picture Company - Created film open logo for all Montecito Pictures. Star Wars EP I, EP II DVD - Compiled elements for composite and layoff for authoring of
both discs, including domestic and international versions. Winner IRMA 5th DVD awards.
Paloma Pictures - Created film open logo for all Paloma Pictures.
Passions - On-set supervisor and compositor of effects for the CBS network show.
Sears Tower - composed 2 minute video for elevator ride to the top of the Sears Tower.
Passengers take a ride that simulates a malfunction in which passengers end up in earth orbit observing an astronaut performing maintenance on the International Space Station before plunging back to earth.

Complete Post, Hollywood, California 1995 - 2000
Inferno / Flame Artist
Senior Inferno Artist.
Responsible for on set supervision of elements to be shot necessary to complete intended effect. Performed duties as resident Flame artist to a diverse number projects ranging from episodic television to Hi-definition and Film projects. Worked in various colour space and resolutions specifically native to projects. Extensive knowledge of blue/green screen compositing techniques, 2D & 3D animation integration as well as overall concept and creative development. Extensive knowledge of various video formats including D1, Digi-beta, HD5, HDCAM, 3/4.

Producers Color Service, Southfield, Michigan 1991 - 1995
Technical Specialist
Responsible for operations of Flame / Henry / Harry suites. Worked with other artists in order to execute and complete jobs in progress.
Systems Engineer for digital graphics division.
Motion control operator and cameraman. Operated largest motion control rig in the mid-west.
Setup, maintain and operate Sorenson rig running Lynx robotics software.
3D animator using Vertigo software running on SGI platform.
Video Editor cutting promos, spots, sample reels and demo reels for use by client for
presentation and archival purposes. Hardware used: CMX3600, Grass Valley switcher, ADO,
Kaleidoscope, audio mixer.
Extensive knowledge of various video formats including 2”, 1”, D2, MII, D1, 3/4 , 1/2 vhs.
Tasks included routing signals and setting up various machines for duplication task
EducationSpecs Howard School of Broadcast Arts 1989
VFX Supervisor
Composite Supervisor
3D Stereo Cinematography
Red Epic Cameras
Hardware ProficiencyMac, Windows, Linux, SGI
Software ProficiencyInferno, Flame and Combustion compositing software from Autodesk/Discreet
After Effects from Adobe.
Nuke software from The Foundry
Shake & Motion compositing software from Apple
Maya 3D Autodesk/Alias
Lightwave 3D Newtek
PFtrack, Boujou, Zbrush and Shotgun shot management software

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1431 calle artigas - Thousand Oaks, California - United States

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