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PSP Audio Post Production

PSP Audio Post Production

Audio Post Production

JalelDib, - Mtn, Metn - Lebanon

ExperiencePSP (dubai)
Montage TV Production (dubai)
OTV (lebanon)
Beirut School of Art (lebanon)
PSC Production (lebanon)
Education. BA Advertising
. Music Education/Production for as long as I can remember
SpecialityMusic composition for motion picture
Movies Critics
Sound Engineering
Hardware ProficiencyPC & MAC +troubleshoots
Software Proficiency. Pro Tools
. Cubase/Nuendo
. Acid Pro (for quick stuff)
. Adobe Collection (All Certifications)
. Webmaster courses: FrontPage, dreamweaver, flash (WMC Certificate)

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Submitted by on Aug 18, 2012
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JalelDib, - Mtn, Metn - Lebanon

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