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HDAudioPlus Music & sound design

HDAudioPlus Music & sound design

Music & sound design

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Ha Oren 6 - Beit Shemesh, Jerusalem - 99621 - Israel

Looking to produce an epic Classical music video that will be remembered for years to come?

Are you in the market for outstanding content of family-friendly entertainment , ready for distribution over your cable network?

Head over to our Creative Audio Portfolios on Behance where you'll find our Baroque 24/7 music video collection and audio samples of our classical music streams for syndication.

Then you'll understand what inspired one listener to comment on our video, "Rule, Brittania!":
"You won't find quality like this elsewhere on YouTube!" (@iOnlySignIn )

Demo Reel:
Celine Dion - La Memoire d'Abraham (HDAudioPlus HiDef Analog Remaster)
Music video demo on the theme of Jerusalem and Man's never-ending quest for spirituality; remastered in "HiDef Analog" for mobile and streaming broadcast. ... more

ExperienceSince we opened our new "beta" classical music radio station as an experiment on "" in 2003, Baroque 24/7 has become the highest rated Classical station on the net with over 7.5 million listeners worldwide.

We did this without advertising, expensive equipment, or claims about audio quality.

But creating a slogan with a catch-phrase graphic enough to convey the richness and "presence" in our music seemed impossible -until a blogger from New York jokingly called it, "Music On Steroids".

EducationEstablished in 1995, we are a sound design and music entertainment production company located in Beit Shemesh, Israel.

The HDAudioPlus "HiDef mp3" post-process for digital music was developed in conjunction with the M.I.T. Audio Lab and completed in 2003. It was then market-tested and further refined over a period of seven years, with feedback from the global audience of over 7 million listeners from our " Baroque 24/7" music channel on

We're proud to offer music rights holders, artists and publishers an opportunity to transform their studio masters from "great sounding" to "sensational". Studies conducted on buying habits of classical music consumers confirm what we've known all along: When dealing with classical, music that SOUNDS better, sells better!
SpecialityThe specialists in digital classical music post-production, broadcast and music entertainment channels.

Our "HiDef mp3" is audio quality "to die for" - second to none in versatility:
Designed for both Windows and Apple OS!
- Non-proprietary
- Flawless streaming and playback on any device, including all makes of mobile devices and Smartphones.
- BETTER than FLAC audio quality because we restore ALL of the same harmonics, sub tonal data and artifacts which create all that "richness" in live performances, and put them back - into the music file itself!

Because we package our sound in the mp3 "wrapper", HDAudioPlus delivers up to 50% MORE sound in LESS

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Ha Oren 6 - Beit Shemesh, Jerusalem - 99621 - Israel

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4 Compelling Reasons To Encode In "Audiophile mp3"
by Paula Wertheim
1. HDAudioPlus "audiophile mp3" will render your music 100% cross-platform; playable on any device.

2. HDAudioPlus "audiophile mp3" is non-proprietory.

3.HDAudioPlus isolates, collects and restores all of the missing harmonics, spatial cueing and depth present in live performances in 320.48k mp3.

4. Audio quality "to die for".

"Nobody Does It Better"
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