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Austin, Texas - United States

ExperienceDirecting, cinematography, final cut, after effects, element 3d, da vinci resolve
EducationIdyllwild Arts Academy 2006
SpecialityOn The Reel is a forward thinking and ambitious production company for a new era of multimedia communication, interactivity, and consciousness. We tackle each project on an individual basis and strive to maintain a wholehearted artistic integrity through the entire process, whether it be music videos, documentaries, or commercial work. We commit ourselves fully to successful completion of each project and will stop at nothing to do only the best. In the past this has meant traveling to remote villages in Fiji and Tahiti, shooting underwater in the shark infested waters of Australia, seemingly endless sleepless nights in recording studios, and last minute cross-country road trips. We pride ourselves on an ability to create and maintain an open and collaborative working environment with all of our selected endeavors.
Hardware ProficiencyWe have a full service editing bay that is equipped with an 8-core mac pro that is loaded with 24 gigs of ram, a thunderbolt display for true color correcting, among aja post production hardware to be able to deal with all types of formats. We also have two monitor speakers which can be used to edit sound using our adobe suite package.
Software ProficiencyWe are equipped with final cut studio, the complete adobe suite, and abeleton live.

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Austin, Texas - United States

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