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Christopher Webb Films Inc. Director of Photography

Christopher Webb Films Inc. Director of Photography

Director of Photography


- Brooklyn, New York - United States

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ExperienceChristopher Webb is an award winning cinematographer and technical director specializing in visual effects. Chris partners with directors, producers and creative directors at production companies and advertising agencies. To better serve this focus, Chris has built a studio that offers dedicated production resources and an engineering workshop. Chris's work ranges in scale and includes studio and location shooting. Chris's work on Reebok's ATV-19 campaign won the award for best cinematography from Adweek's 2014 Watch Awards.
• In-camera effects
• Super slow-motion
• Tabletop
• Macro/Micro
• Motion control
• Stop motion animation
• Cinematography for compositing
• Live action moving portrait

Hardware ProficiencyChris brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each project. He has worked as a special effects artist, stop motion animator, sculptor, animatronic puppet builder, mechanical engineer, and documentary filmmaker. Highlights include extensive work for The Lion King on Broadway, Annie Lebovitz Studio, The Documentary Channel, and even LEGO's mechanical design team. All of this has helped to build the creative skill set Chris shares with his collaborators.

Proficient with Motion Picture, HD, super slow motion, Digital Cinema camera systems, specialty lighting and rigging equipment, and stage equipment.

Working knowledge of electronics, mechanical engineering, carpentry, plastic arts, puppetry.
Software ProficiencyProfessional experience with non-linear editing systems, color grading, and stop motion assist software.

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Submitted by on May 21, 2009
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- Brooklyn, New York - United States

Cinematography   •   Director of Photography
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